[Cin] New monthly tars and pkgs available

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Apr 7 08:58:14 CEST 2020

I agree with RafaMar about percentages vs pixels, it is more intuitive 
for an user.
I spoke about in different place, for example:


Il 05/04/2020 11.15, Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux ha scritto:
> I think it is not good that these sliders are linked to the values 
> seen below the timeline.
> It is true that on the X and Y axes you can drag directly from the 
> monitor.
> But the fact that the sliders are limited by the values of the 
> mentioned box below the timeline, can mislead users and make editing 
> difficult.
> These sliders should be independent and work with percentages (%) and 
> not pixels. I mean, in numerical value, yes in pixels, but the slider 
> internally in%.
> image.png
> For example on a fullHD (1920x1080) slider X axis in the center, 0% 
> centered image, the slider at its right limit 100% shifts the 1920px 
> video frame to the right, and vice versa, -100% -1920px
> And the same Zoom, in the center 0%, size 1 in the numerical box, if 
> we move to the left we reduce it to 0.01%, value 0.01 in the numerical 
> box, if we move to the right, we enlarge, by example up to a value of 
> 1000% what would be zoom x10 or 10 in the numerical value.

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