[Cin] How do I crop a picture-in-picture?

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Fri Apr 17 23:31:53 CEST 2020

Hi David, the speed thing is super simple at cinelerra. I wrote more than
20 kdenlive tutorials, and I ended up very nervous with its constant
failures. With Cinelerra I enjoy.
Look at this video.

El vie., 17 abr. 2020 a las 23:06, Phyllis Smith (<phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>)

> David:
> I have rediscovered Cinelerra a few days ago. Kdenlive is in my disk too,
>> with
>> Openshot and Olive. It is amazing how Cinelerra has evolved in last
>> months, but
>> interfaz is pedestrian compared to other options (slowing a piece of
>> video, for
>> example). I like it because of its apparent stability and options, but
>> need
>> exploring more.
> Thank you for your kind words about how Cinelerra has improved and about
> its apparent stability and options.
> Perhaps I misunderstand your statement on "slowing a piece of video, for
> example", but if you are talking about slowing down or speeding up the
> video, it is really easy to do this just by using the Speed line (checked
> on under the View pulldown) as described in the Manual section 7.3
> Speed/Fade Automation and Usage Gang.
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