[Cin] How do I crop a picture-in-picture?

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Apr 18 10:01:17 CEST 2020

PhyllisSmith wrote:
"If IgorBeg allows me to I would like to reference this in the 
Settings->Preferences, About message area?"

My Tutorials page for Cinelerra-GG is only a (ugly) collection of 
videos, for friends, community and so on. The page is "hide" for 
spamming and other. =)
On Youtube there are many good tutorials made by Andrea_Paz, 
ChipperVideos, RafaMar, Tutordidi and ... others.
...And I love the Fantastic Sam's Cinelerra-GG Intro,... I will put in 
the Cinelerra-gg home page.

Phyllis if you think it can be useful, feel free to link my Cinelerra-gg 
tutorials. Thanks.
Otherwise, if somebody will create an Official Cinelerra-GG youtube 
channel, You can download my tutorials and upload them there together to 
the others, if You want.
My Tutorials are for the community because GG/Phyllis give me a really 
good NLE, free to pay, no registration, and with great support.
Thanks Phyllis/GG (and community)


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