[Cin] Cinelerra's error very serious.

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 06:28:05 CEST 2020

For the users who read the mailing list and may not have seen the Bug
Tracker notes in #71, an EMERGENCY fix was checked into GIT.  We are also
disappointed that this bug has been in Cinelerra for years and has resulted
in loss of his work.  For more information on root cause, you can read
about it on the end of #71.  If anyone needs an early build with this fix
in, let us know and we can generate a static tar.

I understand the consternation of RafaMar and I hope he will continue to
use Cinelerra-GG but understand why he may not.  His work has been
invaluable and his diagnosis of bugs has resulted in an improved product.
We would regret the loss of his input as he has been able to find problems
that the rest of us have not encountered.  And there are still more bugs to
be found.

Phyllis Smith/Bill Morrow

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 2:53 PM Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux <
rafamar.mm.ig at gmail.com> wrote:

> Very excited about Cinelerra, today I wanted to make a silent short video,
> as an example, to upload to the YouTube channel.
> I made a very meticulous desktop recording, with the goal that without
> saying a word, anyone can understand a simple process, such as changing the
> speed to a clip. I know this is as easy for you as scratching a ear. But
> for people who start they need someone to teach them. It is a question that
> several readers have asked me.
> As usual, in me, create a new project, and as is also usual for me when
> loading the files, I forgot to put the selector in "Create new resources
> only" I had it in "Replace current project" and when loading the 3 clips
> that I wanted to use for this video, this they have been loaded on three
> different tracks.
> Nothing happens, I pressed z and started again. I have uploaded the files,
> selecting the correct option.
> I made the montage when it was almost finished, after adjusting a clip,
> Cinelerra has blocked, it did not respond. I had not saved the job, and I
> had to close Cinelerra, kill the application from the system monitor.
> When I reopened Cinelerra I went quickly to file, load backup, and well,
> there was my project, more or less as I had it before the crash.
> So far so good... from here very bad
> I hastened to save in case the lock happened again... and here comes the
> catastrophe... when pressing s, no wizard was opened to save... I was
> surprised, I did not remember saving... I look in the timeline window bar
> and I freeze, this bad joke had already happened to me the first days in
> Cinelerra. There it said "Cinelerra: speedChange-2020-04-20_20.25.34.webm"
> For the second time Cinelerra has converted a video into an xml file.
> All my work thrown away, my lost time ...
> I have pondered, and I have thought, I am currently recommending an
> application that can make a user lose a video that is important to him.
> Because of an application that still carries defects that were very common
> in the late 90s, but that are inconceivable in the middle of 2020.
> Then all my illusion has turned into disappointment. I cannot recommend or
> spend time with an editor who can make you lose a video in such an absurd
> way. It is true that in my case, it was not an important video. But what if
> it had been...? I am not a computer scientist nor are I proficient with
> Photorec ... I am only an audiovisual technician.
> So after thinking it over and seeing the great risk of working with
> Cinelerra, for the moment I take a break. If GG ever decides to fix this,
> please let me know, maybe I'll regain the lost illusion and keep writing
> tutorials.
> So sorry. I have already deleted myself from the youtube channel and I am
> going to send the latest corrections of the Spanish translation to Phyllis
> and take a break.
> Thank you very much for your good predisposition and for your kindness
> always with me.
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