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Thu Apr 30 23:17:14 CEST 2020

April monthly tars and pkgs are now available at the usual place on the
We installed both the Mint 19.3 package and the new Ubuntu 20 package to
make sure Cin came up.
Both Arch and Tweed (Tumbleweed) distros were updated yesterday before the

And if you have not already seen, the *beginning of the Spanish translation
of the manual by Sergio*:
(I did not get the update from Andrea and the fixes from Sergio in the
English manual yet but will try to get that updated by the end of today.)

*Newly added Ubuntu 20* is available with only minimal testing.  Ubuntu 19
static tar is available this month yet but will be retired next month
unless the demand is still there.  *Fedora 32 was newly added* also.

---------------------------------   *Text copy of releasenotes.pdf (also on
website*) -------------------------
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 04/01/2020-04/30/2020
for builds

Thanks to *RafaMar* for a lot of work testing this month, reporting bugs,
providing instructive youtube videos and tutorials, plus more Spanish

A partially translated Spanish version of the Manual is being gradually
worked by *Sergio*.  This is very much appreciated. It is at:

1.  Four *potential performance modifications* have been made to speed up
some places, to include:
      1) Speed improvements for *line drawing* using Bresenham’s line
algorithm implemented now in
          (motivated by LFOM forum notes).
      2) Performance enhancements on the time line for *video/audio
re-draws* has been implemented.
      3) *Threading on loads* so that Audio and Video can be loaded using
multiple cpu-s.  Previously the
          video load to the timeline would have to complete before the
audio would start loading.
      4) *Hardware acceleration using vdpau* for files of type yuvj420p
were reverting to software
          decoding on the load due to rejection by ffmpeg.  Another ffmpeg
patch (patchA) was added to
          allow this type (used by GoPro cameras) to be decoded
successfully on GPU graphics cards that
          support CONSTRAINED_BASELINE (*Ig0r in the forum pursued this* to
a fix).
2. *Videoscope *additional improvements to ease use in Compositor and
Viewer and as a plugin.
    - Smoothed vectorscope so no longer uses fast pixmap but instead
software (Sam aesthetics
   - Added VectorWheel overlay options – none, All, Hue, IQ (with I for
skin tones and Q for grass?),
     and user generated allowance by adding to CinPath/plugins/scopes as a
png file (Andrea
     and IgorBeg provided initial quality graticules).
   - Modifications were made to layout to improve looks & usage (as
recommended by IgorBeg/Sam).
   - Switched the Hue and Saturation values from the top line to a popup
   - Added a “*Refresh on Stop*” button so that the scopes are only updated
when you actually stop the
     play. This makes it play at full speed (Sam suggestion).  Works only
for Compositor/Viewer.
3. A *long standing serious bug* which has been undetected for years is
resolved (thanks to RafaMar
    analysis of exact steps to reproduce.)  For details refer to BT #71,
note 3228 +.
4. *Usability Improvements:*
    Switched from png to 90% jpg for *ShapeWipe transitions* to save binary
file size for the monthly
       builds in order to lessen amount of time to download.  Writing
software to perform the jpeg
       translation was necessary to do so. This also makes additional 17
shapes available (RafaMar).
       If user needs to use a png version of a ShapeWipe instead, the
manual states how to do so.
     Added to *BoxBlur *plugin, a way to define a rectangular area for
blurring just that spot (Andrea).
     *Drag box ungrab for plugins* like Title will now automatically turn
on the Drag and turn off the Drag
       owned by any other plugin (RafaMar suggestion).
     *Collect and Paste effects *options are now available as well as
saving a stack to the Clip folder (Sam
       suggestion BT #84).  MMB on a track to see. More work is to be done
to complete this next month.
     Updated Spanish translation and tips (by RafaMar).
5. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*
    Problem of Title plugin with long lines or using png with the menu has
been fixed (Rafa reported).
    Camera and Projector  “expand X,Y,Z ranges” have been fixed and changed
to work a little
       differently but more work needs to be completed (Andrea reported
    Button bars on Compositor and Viewer are now more aesthetically correct
and the “meters” icon has
      been moved to the end for a better placement of a non-edit option
(Olaf and IgorBeg notes).
    Some problems with BoxBlur to include edge case segv have been fixed
    Scaling problems for xinerama case of a screen that is 2560x1080 will
now work correctly (RafaMar
      user reported).
    Fixed booby lock problem in ChromaKey plugin.
    Negative value vdpau/vaapi hardware fallback fix.
    *With vaapi enabled, some png’s and jpg’s would not default to loading
with software*.
      Most of these will now do so (*LFOM report *in the forum).
    A bug has been fixed in theora configure.ac (as provided by Andrew).
    Bug in using the next keyframe with the shortcut of “k” was not working
if effects not at the
       beginning but is now fixed (RafaMar found).
    Color Wheel Hue up/down toggle needed to be float as was not working
quite right.
    Removed “commercials” linking due to lack of use and in particular for
the monthly builds which
      will speed up the process.  If building your own, you can put it back
    Added requirement to “build prepare” script for Python.  This was found
necessary for Ubuntu 20.
    Fixed capture device needed for Recording operations.  This was a
dropped line.
    Colorpicker Hue correction has been made in 2 different places (GG
found one and IgorBeg).
    Correct alignment for Cakewalk and different themes for BoxBlur
contributed by programmer.
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