[Cin] Bump Autos + other checked into GIT

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Aug 27 09:46:44 CEST 2020

RafaMar wrote:
> ...but I think it would be easier with an effect that instead of 
> acting on the track acts on a single clip. A clip that we can define 
> with cuts if we only want to change the speed to a fragment of it.
Yes, I also thought the same thing. If were possible tecnically, it 
would be better and easier from point of view of an user.
Another NLE, Lightworks_14, had done a good solution for me. Each track 
has a Speed text field that shows the speed of the clip where the cursor 
is on. When you change the speed of a clip, that clip will have that 
speed; you can not to do Speed ramp, for example.

In these days I am working on a Project that needs Speed fetures. To do 
that I use both ReframeRT and F_tmix plugins to create a fake SlowMotion 
(with Optical Flow) and then, with the Nest feature, I put the ClipSpeed 
in the Timeline. For some clips I have to use ffmpeg by command line and 
using "minterpolate" option to made OpticalFlow. Maybe there is Optical 
Flow in Cinelerra-gg but I do not know where. If anyone knows, He/She is 
welcome, please.
I use Nest to avoid sync problem with the other edits on the Timeline 
when I use ReframeRT for the speed.
I hope GG can make the Speed tool work well.
(Ooops, I wrote here but this it Forum stuff. Sorry)

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