[Cin] Interlace driving me mad .....

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 00:09:43 CET 2020

This final fix patch was just now checked into GIT.  I don't know how many
other single frames there might  be other than png so the "if-ed" for >1
was a good idea.  The interlace patch is nice because now you don't have to
guess if it is interlaced or how.

Thanks for testing as I would not have ordinarily loaded a png and seen the
problem -- more testing is so helpful.


> Must PNG work under ffmpeg at all? I think, I have seen somewhere in CGG
> manual that ffmpeg did not work with picture files (picture series?), so I
> loaded them always switching to 'try ffmpeg last' not testing the opposite.
I believe you are referring to the section " Filelist format" and
the specific line "When you load the outfile in CINELERRA-GG, you will need
to set 'Try ffmpeg last' since ffmpeg does not work with jpeglist sequence
files."  It would be too confusing for casual users to have to switch from
ffmpeg first to ffmpeg last.

Also, I checked into GIT the correction for shortcuts.html for Select Edits
(ctrl-alt-' instead of ctrl-alt-a).  This was my mistake.

> I think it still works with single images, because my fiddling with
> fileffmpeg.C changes result (works/not) ....
> I narrowed failure to my probe function, it doesn't like single images, so
> I if'ed them away
> (and not png/mjpeg codecs *plus* ff_video_frames >1  conditional as in my
> prev. patch)
> New patch attached
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