[Cin] Missing plugin MOTION CV caused heavy error

August Geyler post at august-geyler.de
Mon Dec 7 17:07:35 CET 2020

Hello everyone,

I need your support for making the Motion CV plugin usable for me again. 
The background: I started working on a huge project in April this year 
with my team. We made heavy use of motion tracking. To achieve this we 
made several tests with all available motion plugins in April 2020 and 
decided to only use "Motion CV". Nobody knew, we chose an effect which 
would deleted only few month later. I couldn't even imagine something 
like this happening.

We worked on our project for more than a month. Due to the pandemic it 
came to a sudden hold in May. Today we wanted to start finishing the 
project. When I opened the file in Cinelerra I surprisingly got the 
massage that the effect "Motion CV" was unknown. As I figured out, you 
deleted this plugin in September. I am happy to hear that the new motion 
plugin is much better and I will use it in the future. But now I need to 
render my project from April exactly in the way it was made. But this is 
impossible now due to the disappearance of our most used effect. I 
checked the syntax in the project XML. There are several differences 
between "Motion" and "Motion CV" so that just renaming the effect in the 
file did not work.

I red that the old motion cv plugin is still in the libraries and 
downloaded it. But as I have no clue how to reinstall this into my 
running system I need your support. The handbook is not describing how 
to reinstall deleted plugins.

Is it possible to reinstall the plugin by myself? Or can you provide the 
plugin again with the next update?

I'm looking forward hearing from you to save all the work we had with 
our project.

Best regards,


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