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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 02:51:17 CET 2020

New builds are ready and it includes the addition of OpenSuse Tumbleweed.
We had network problems here the last 2 days so it took awhile to upload
them.  There is also a one-time BSD tar file in the "File Storage" area and
Windows10 limited. What is in the release is documented in the
releasenotes.pdf as usual and this month's is included below.  The plan for
Multiple Timelines this month did not work out as we could not come up with
a solution.
*Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 01/01/2020-01/31/2020
for builds*
The newly converted to *LaTeX manual* is complete and you can view the PDF
from the website under Download->Documentation→User Manual. From within
Cinelerra, the shell cmds icon has a pulldown for network access to this
manual.  Existing users will have to change the reference in their .bcast5
directory Cinelerra_rc file from a lower case “m” to an upper case “M”.
Although there have been numerous contributors, Andrey’s push recommending
latex and setting up the Github and Andrea’s conversion of the contents
from .odt to .tex made it all happen.

1. New feature of editing/using a *File by Reference* has been added.  In
the load menu, this would be
    the EDL strategy of Reference (uwe request in BT # 318).  Warning on
usage is in the manual.
2. *WinTV Hauppauge remote control* added for over the air TV from within
Cinelerra.  This requires
     a small kernel mod that was checked into GIT.  Additionally the
previous ATI x10tv and android
     remotes were modified to provide similar interface.
3. *Windows 10 with Cygwin* limited Cinelerra build is now available.  See
the manual for install and
    details on usage.
4.  *Pulse Audio* was added as it was needed for the MS Windows port.  You
will have to build with it.
5.  *BSD *patch re-created as it has been 1.5 year since it was updated
(Yuri request) and a tar created.
6. *Usability Improvements:*
    Open EDL, a recently added feature, has been amplified.
    In addition to the Insertion Strategy in the Load Files menu, there is
now an EDL Strategy for
       advanced usage to load as a Clip, Nested, or File Reference.
    Group highlighting improvements have been added for drag and drop
editing to prevent dropping on
       disarmed tracks and to correctly notify user via color highlights
when dropping or overwrite is
       acceptable.  In addition, there is now stickiness when next to
another edit making it easy to drop
       exactly next to that edit (IgorB BT # 362).
    Settings→Preferences, Appearance menu has been rearranged because the
Flags area was running
     out of space.
    Snapshot and Grabshot default destination has changed from /tmp to
$HOME/Pictures so that new
       users will not be surprised when a reboot deletes their work.
Existing users will have to manually
       change the location in Settings→Preferences, Interface tab, Snapshot
Path (Rafa suggestion).
    *More Spanish translation* adjustments have been made by audiovisual
technician, Rafa, to include
        the newly added phrases of the last few weeks.  This is on top of
all of the Spanish translations
        recently made by Sergio.  Refinement by Rafa is to accommodate the
different interpretations of
        the audiovisual world, which is very particular in this regard with
some appropriate nuances.
7. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*
    A build probe fix for a52 has been added, stdint.h (ferdnyc, BT # 359).
    Nested Proxy fix to save the nested files in $HOME/Videos instead of
Cinelerra executable
       directory.  This makes it possible that saving your project in proxy
mode will work correctly and
       nested files will not get accidentally deleted when install a new
Cinelarra (IgorB email).
    Reworked perpetual session load/save strategy to handle levels with
Open EDL and undo’s better.
    Fixed 3 lock boobies and minor build cleanups.
    Loaded clips now have the filename and modification time in the
    Left margin for meters in the Compositor and Show Levels is slightly
larger (IgorB report).
    Load window filebox resized to be a little bigger so no words are
    Added a target directory option to the Transcode menu making it
convenient for DVD transcoding.
    Fixed broken vicon.
    DenoiseFFT plugin had a SEGV in an edge case that has been fixed (David
    A fix for spurious hard edges has been added.
    Minor one last fix for xft font problem, hopefully the last.
    FFmpeg color space / color range fix but not verified yet (Dejay
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