[Cin] Thinking about replacing Insertion Strategy "Nest sequence" with ...

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Fri Jan 3 12:31:03 CET 2020

I do not use that option. May be (sure?) I use a different workflow than 
other Users.

In short time, my usually workflow (more or less).
1) Create an empty Project with format, size, frame rate and so on.
*2) Load the video with File-> Load menu or RMB on Resources window AND 
select "Create new resources only" from "Insertion strategy".*
3) Use Nest option (if needed)
4) Drag and Drop (or Double click) from Resources to Viewer.
5) First quick cut with In and Out on the Viewer
6) Splice(V) or Overwrite(B) by the Viewer
7) Repeat from #4 point for the Clips/Media/Nested
8) Some Cuts and adjustment in the Timeline with Ripple, Rolling and Slip
9) Work on effects
10) Work on color correction

Il 02/01/2020 5.53, Phyllis Smith ha scritto:
> It is hard to use and I would like to know if anyone is using the 
> "Load files" insertion strategy of "Nest sequence".  We would like to 
> replace it with "File by Referernce" for BT # 318.  Since you can use 
> the nesting feature instead, it seems to be unnecessary.  If there is 
> a definite need to keep it because it is actually being used, please 
> reply.   gg/phyllis

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