[Cin] 3 request

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Fri Jan 3 14:15:14 CET 2020

I add here, and long time ago I wrote in CinCV_MailingLists (September 
10, 2018).
It is not relative to how an User create User Bins/Folders inside 
Cinelerra's Resources but how you organize/manage your directories, with 
your media, for the Project.

I would like something like below (but I have already written it, sorry):
/* ******************** */
(Structure in /home/Projects/)
    - File_abc_cinPrj.xml
    \_ ...
/* ******************** */
In "Scribus" (publishing software) I work so. "Scribus" does relative 
path if the files are in the same directory or in its subdirectory, else 
absolute path.

I don't like "flat" structure for my projects. When I have move a 
Project to another Computer to create the final Render on that faster 
computer, for example, I have to edit the xml file project and with 
"Search and replace" option, I change the path of the User Name 
directory. So I can use the same structure of the directories/folders of 
my project on an other PC.


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