[Cin] Something to think about for the future -- Candidate release

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 20:34:22 CET 2020

Recently in another email, IgorB had the following input/suggestion and I
wanted to respond in a new thread.

> It is very time consuming to learn a workflow and then to change it again.
> Every time GG make a change in software it is a great time consuming
> also for who have to update the Manual, I think.


> I would like a release where users have more time to test in depth;
> usually this pre-release is called candidate release (all of you know).
> So the Manual,and the video tutorial, has a few of time to reflect the
> software.
> Of course, even though  a "stable" release is out, there would always be
> the rolling release (month release).

Maybe eventually we could get to a "candidate" release thus relieving the
burden of testing if more programmers become available.  What I see as the
major problem at this time is the fact that many of the Issue Tracker BTs
have feature requests that are not obvious to us (as mentioned many a time,
we are not artists).  Consequently, as gg programs something, it is almost
imperative to get immediate test feedback before it goes into the monthly
builds because then it is really hard to change it.  If instead a
"candidate" release were used for 7 days before the builds, it might not be
enough time to change things mostly because gg's brain gets loaded up
working on a feature and then loaded with something entirely different.  A
lot of time is wasted re-visiting program code that was wiped out of his
brain while working on a different section of code..
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