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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 20:23:27 CET 2020

First, let me just say THANK YOU, THANK YOU - Plugins is the biggest
section with the most images so it is a lot of work.  The more I look at
the .tex files, the more I realize all of the work you did.
Second, sorry for so many emails but I have to work between tasks today.
Third, I reviewed the plugin changes again in my notes and with 7.2, there
were some upgrades from Adam in the following (just let me know if you need
more specifics for any of these):

  *Reverb* ported containing a large amount of changes to include addition
of levels, a graphic, pots and a full band pass filter.
  *Compressor* plugin had major modifications along with more pot dial
options, VU meters, and a graphic display. Cinelerra_factory changes
applied also for some automatic presets for plugin. And has had the Smooth
Only option fixed and buttons for Gain and Reset added.

  *Spectogram /Synthesizer* plugins were ported as they had a couple of
more items/improvements.

  *Refresh* frame tweak included.
  *Sound Level* plugin reworked to handle fragments.

And other minor changes that I do not think there is any visible effects
seen and should not need documentation changes:

*Audioscope* plugin rework for cleanup and improvements.

*Paremetric *plugin has improved audio play positioning.

*YUV411* plugin fixed to immediately show a warning message if the session
format is not YUV.

Cleanup done in the *Overlay* plugin.
*Color 3 Way* plugin has had “clear” buttons added by an anonymous
user/programmer. Convenient!

*15 native plugins have been enhanced* by a user contributor to include a
“Clear” button for

individual sliders making it easy to reset just 1 instead of all. In
addition a “Default” button for

some of these plugins was added to revert to the plugin’s default settings.
Plugins affected include:

brightness, colorbalance, huesaturation, linearblur, polar, radialblur,
rgbshift, sharpen, shiftinterlace,

unsharp, wave, whirl, yuv, yuvshift, and zoomblur.

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 1:03 AM Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>

> About the chapter on plugins in the manual I would like to ask some
> questions:
> In Resource --> Info, the entries about automatic de-interlacing had
> been removed because they were not working. Do you remember the
> discussion where it was discussed? I can't find it.
> The Gradient Plugin was reworked; but the modifications were hidden,
> weren't they? Hasn't the configuration window changed?
> Are there any other plugins (except Sketcher and Tracer) that have changed?
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