[Cin] New monthly pkgs and tars available on the website

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Jul 1 21:42:56 CEST 2020

It doesn't matter in which Gang mode you are. For me, it doesn't depends 
by group of audio tracks.
MoveUp and MoveDown work (I should say, worked in previous release) with 
Armed tracks.
No new shortcuts are needed because the movement of the tracks is based 
on the armed tracks.
So you can move whatever you want including a video track with its two 
(or more) audio tracks,
even though not close.

If you have a few of time, could you compare Cin_20200531 with 
Cin_20200630, please?

=== CASE_1 =======================================
State t=0
-V3 (disarmed)
-V2 (disarmed)
-V1 (armed)
-A1 (armed)
-A2 (armed)

State t=1 after Shift+UpArrow
  Cin_20200531    | Cin_20200630
-V3 (disarmed)   | -V2 (disarmed)
-V1 (armed)      | -V1 (armed)
-A1 (armed)      | -A1 (armed)
-A2 (armed)      | -A2 (armed)
-V2 (disarmed)   | -V3 (disarmed)

=== Case_2 =======================================
State t=0
-V3 (armed)
-V2 (disarmed)
-V1 (disarmed)
-A1 (disarmed)
-A2 (disarmed)

State t=1 after Shift+DownArrow
  Cin_20200531    | Cin_20200630
-V2 (disarmed)   | -A2 (disarmed)
-V3 (armed)      | -V3 (armed)
-V1 (disarmed)   | -V2 (disarmed)
-A1 (disarmed)   | -V1 (disarmed)
-A2 (disarmed)   | -A1 (disarmed)

State t=2 after Shift+DownArrow
  Cin_20200531    | Cin_20200630
-V2 (disarmed)   | -A1 (disarmed)
-V1 (disarmed)   | -A2 (disarmed)
-V3 (armed)      | -V3 (armed)
-A1 (disarmed)   | -V2 (disarmed)
-A2 (disarmed)   | -V1 (disarmed)


PS: I don't know if a new, or more, screencast can help.

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