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Sergio Daniel Gomez sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar
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El 31/05/2020 a las 18:57, Phyllis Smith escribió:
> The latest distro built versions are on the website for tars and pkgs. 
> We did do 1 more last Ubuntu19 static tar but hopefully users will 
> have upgraded to Ubuntu20 by next month.  A text copy of the Release 
> Notes, which are also on the website, are listed below for May.  We 
> tested the package version for Ubuntu 20 and Mint 19.3 but please let 
> us know of any problems.
> ****************************************************************
> Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 05/01/2020-05/31/2020*
> *
> _*First, some notable musings:*_
> - *50th monthly release* of Cin5.1/CinGG providing user builds for a 
> number of distros.
> - The *bug tracking system* starting on 2018-11-26 with issue # 1 is 
> working well with a *total of 442*
>   feature requests or problems to date.  There are about 170 open 
> issues and 240 closed ones.
> - The partially *Spanish translated manual by Sergio* has been updated 
> and is at:
> https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/CinelerraGG_Manual_Spanish.pdf
> - *Wikipedia French *version is being updated by *MatN and Pierre*.
> - A very detailed description of *how to make a video which includes 
> TIFF images converted* from
>   raw Nikon DSLR images with Raw Therapee has been written by 
> *Richard*.  It is at:
> https://cinelerra-gg.org/media/demos/Cinelerra_Transparency_Setup.pdf
> 1.  Implementation of new *Audio features* (Glen + others request) 
> include:
>      #1 request - Audio track height button now available that is 
> separate from the video track height.
>      #2 request – difficulty in coming up with a way to implement 
> combining stereo tracks together.
> 2.  Upgraded the build system distros to the latest updates available 
> during May.  And updated Arch
>      and Tumbleweed on the 30th so it is in synch as much as 
> possible.  Because Leap opensuse 42.3
>      reached End of Life in June of 2019, no more builds will be done 
> for that distro.
> 3. *Usability Improvements*:
>     The last of the Videoscope improvements to include an additional 
> setting request of “*Refresh on
>        Release”* for dragging on the Compositor and Viewer and the 
> TimeBar on the timeline (Pierre
>        suggested feature).
> *Rotate* plugin fixes to include making the + rotate point dependent 
> on the track size, increasing the
>        scaling when use the mouse wheel over the rotate dial, and 
> fixing a bug in OpenGL for a yuv color
>        model (RafaMar BT # 422).
>     Capability added to *individually increase/decrease vertical size* 
> of any track in the patchbay.  The
>        tumbler icons for most themes were created new (provided by 
> IgorBeg).
>     Spanish modifications for translation and tips have been added 
> (provided by RafaMar).
>     Plugin expanders and minor French translations added (provided by 
> Pierre).
>     An enhancement to the Dump file was made to show what is in cache 
> to help in analysis.
> 4.
>     Transitions at the beginning of a video track were not showing up 
> when the video driver was
>        OpenGL, but this has now been fixed.
>     A circular situation was occurring when 1 video track using a 
> shared track was pointing at a track
>        that was pointing back at the other track.  With the correction 
> when this occurs an error message is
>        generated similar to “circular references, track #, plugin_set 
> 0, plugin 0” (RafaMar BT #423).
>     Corrected a nested asset audio bug when using clips from the same 
> initial track (Fary54 BT # 425).
>     Boxblur plugin had an integer round off problem in the “power” 
> parameter fixed (RafaMar BT #429).           Fixes were added to avoid 
> memory leaks and other problems as noted by a Valgrind report to include
>        fixes for loss bytes problem in edl.C and performanceprefs.C 
> (provided by Andrea).
>     A booby lock problem in keyframe was found and corrected.
>     Added a startup lock for LV2 plugins to avoid problems.
>     Vicon thread crash has been fixed.  This has been happening for 
> awhile but inability to determine the
>        cause resulted in a delayed fix (Andrea noted this crash, 
>  provided number dumps/tests).  Vicons
>        are used in the Resources Window as a thumbnail picture of the 
> media and the problem seemed
>        to be only when using the “mouse over” feature which solo-ed 
> the vicon.
>     In using OpenEDL on a nested asset in level 1, when the length is 
> modified the change was not being
>       propagated to level 0.  This is now fixed (Fary54 BT #430).
>     Fixed audio/video module in the nested command setup to solve a 
> problem when loading several
>       nested assets resulted in a corrupt audio edit (Fary54 BT #425).
>     For the Speed auto, when changing the speed by means of a 
> numerical value, the speed change was
>       incorrect but is now fixed (RafaMar BT # 436).  Another problem 
> with Speed auto when set the
>       value to 20 instead of 2 was located and fixed.
>     Perspective effect was showing a single un-changed frame when used 
> to rotate an image horizontally
>       but a mod was created to handle that divide by 0 case and show 
> no image instead (MatN BT #432).
>     The thumbnails on the timeline were not being updated when using 
> OpenEDL and making edits in
>       layer 1 and then reverted back to level 0.  This is now fixed.
>     When you drag & drop a nested clip from Media to a new 
> MediaUserBin it now shows up correctly
>       in the Resource window (IgorBeg BT # 427).
>     Presets for plugins using the Attach Effects menu was crashing but 
> is now fixed (DeJay / MatN).
>     The Title of the program window was not being updated when loading 
> a project XML file using the
>       Load file pulldown so that is working right now (IgorBeg BT #431).
>     A patch was made to correctly propagate gang autos.
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