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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 18:13:34 CEST 2020

> "Cannot drag and drop edit clips anymore, feature removed here and future
> versions." (2010-10-17) ...

> Does the first one mean that originally Cin had Drag&Drop editing?  Modes
> that GG has recently introduced?
> The Secrets of Cinelerra manual (cinelerra.html in the doc subdirectory of
CinelerraGG dated 2011) states the following:
   "In addition to dragging media files, if you create clips and open the
*clip* folder you can drag clips on the timeline"
so I am not sure what is meant by the above.  Any how when I run HV 7.2, it
still works although does not update the thumbnail draw on the timeline,
but plays correctly in the compositor.  Whatever it was doing and however
it was changed, GG would not have deleted that.  The modes that show when
using the middle mouse button on a track along with groups is all new code
by GG and is not related.

> "Text to movie". Allows one to turn a script into an instant movie
> with live updating and seeking." (2011-08-06)
> ...
> The second news, I don't know what it's about; does anyone know what it
> means?

I "think" this is referring to "Simple Animation (Festival)" which is
section 17.5 of the current manual but calling it a movie is a little
strange.  I have not tested this in some time so it could certainly use a
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