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Sun Jun 14 22:57:00 CEST 2020

I don't know why it happens, but I know how to solve it, let's see if I can
explain it to you with a video.

I was trying to write a tutorial on speed changes in cinelerra ... but I am
encountering many errors with the speed line. Another problem is the one
that occurs if you paste or insert a clip in a track with the modified
speed, the result is what one expects. For example, in the video clip a
clip that lasts an exact minute on a track where the speed is at x2 and
this should cause the clip to last only 30 seconds, but no, it lasts 1
minute, but with the last frame frozen . And with the copy and paste of a
fragment the same thing happens, the clip lengthens, which makes the use of
the speed change line very puzzling.

It should be something simple to modify the speed, but in cinelerra it is
not. The only way I don't get errors in its result is by varying the speed
once the clip is inserted. It is very difficult to do a composition job in
this way, for the only thing that I see very optimal its use is once the
assembly is done, changing the speed.

El dom., 14 jun. 2020 a las 19:36, Sam (<cinelerra at posteo.de>) escribió:

> But as soon as I load the saved project, the speed curve does not work
> again. Looks like a bug after all. The speed curve only works in the
> factory settings. I will open a ticket, because the problem is still there.
> Sam
> Am 14.06.20 um 19:23 schrieb Sam:
> > Thanks Andrew for your feedback. After your feedback I simply put
> > everything back to its original state.  I have solved the problem by
> > deleting or renaming the .bcast5 folder. Since then, the speed curve
> > is working as well. Before the reset, I could click on the speed curve
> > as many times as I wanted, it just didn't create a keyframe. I don't
> > know what the strange behaviour was, but now it's working again.
> >
> > Sam
> >
> > Am 14.06.20 um 19:00 schrieb Andrew Randrianasulu:
> >> В сообщении от Sunday 14 June 2020 19:14:09 Sam написал(а):
> >>> I'm doing an intro for the YT channel and have some problems with the
> >>> speed line.
> >>> Is it possible that the speed line can no longer be modified in the
> >>> current version? I have activated it under the menu item "View"
> >>> "Speed".
> >>> In the video track I see the orange line, but I can click on it as much
> >>> as I want, no new keyframe will be created. Am I doing something wrong
> >>> or was something changed in the meantime? Can anyone confirm this or
> >>> give me some advice?
> >>>
> >>> Sam
> >>>
> >> I briefly tested it with latest CinGG git  (Loaded 720p h264 mkv
> >> video with stereo audio track,
> >> created two points on speed curve, one at 100% and another at 256% of
> >> original speed) - and it worked for me. Same for audio..
> >> Try to check if you have range set so some correct value (I set it
> >> from 0.05 to 5.0)?
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