[Cin] BIG mod checked into GIT concerning Audio - need testers

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 06:13:03 CEST 2020

Concerning BT #433 - Audio tracks improvement request from Glen.
A  demo is at: https://streamable.com/2ia9sz
There are static tars for testing at:




There is an additional toggle button at the end on the main timeline
controls (where the transport icons,  generate keyframes, ... are) with the
default mode being the normal way Cinelerra has been working.  If you never
use this button, everything "should" work exactly as it does now.   The
mode is saved across sessions and is in your saved configuration.  There is
also the "Master Track" button on the right hand side of the patchbay that
should be of no initial concern.

GANG_NONE  -- the button icon looks like 3 tracks with ... on the end.
This is the "gang_NONE" mode.
GANG_CHANNELS -- the button icons looks like 2 tracks.  This is the BT 433
mode where *stereo tracks are treated as 1 audio track for the purpose of
making changes on that single track which are propagated to all of its
other channel tracks automatically*.  This is the requested DAW-like
mode.   If you have 6 audio channels and are in this mode, they will be
subject to the same edits.
GANG_MEDIA - this mode only shows the first track of the media but the
changes are propagated to the appropriate other related tracks.

Although this sounds a little difficult, it is expected that everyone will
likely work in the default GANG_NONE mode except for the DAW users who want
stereo tracks to be treated the same in the GANG_CHANNELS mode.

Lots of testing is needed to include just using Cinelerra in the normal
mode to ensure that there is no unintended changes in the default case.  A
couple of problems that we just found and have not been fixed yet are:  the
automatic "shared track" attachment of a plugin might show up in the wrong

PLEASE provide any feedback as soon as you find anything.  GG/Phyllis
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