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RafaMar - all very good questions.

1. Why are they not displayed in the composer?
Simply because it takes time to code this.  When GG implemented this, he
calculated the programmer's time in hours to add the subtitle track, then
calculated how much time it would save if used, and figured out that it
would take xxx hours to implement and would only save xx hours.  So it did
not make sense to say, "spend 20 hours to program and save 2 hours of usage

> 2. Why .udvd and not .srt or .ass? Although this point is also irrelevant
> since it is very easy from .udvd to convert it into .srt or .ass with
> ffmpeg.
The only reason for .udvd is simply because he needed it to make a DVD for
his own viewing and needed subtitles to understand the words for a musical. At
the time no user requested this feature.

> DVDs are a thing of the past ... but subtitles are NOT, these are used a
> lot today. I notice that most people want them printed in the video, it
> would be great a script that would allow you to convert a subtitle track
> into a track with the effect of titles and these will be seen in the
> render. The .udvd file is a very good option too, to have the optional
> subtitles, and even more so with how easy it is to convert .udvd to .srt or
> .ass with ffmpeg.
I am going to add these suggestions to BT #282 as I did not know that
ffmpeg made it possible to convert from .udvd to .srt.  That might make
implementation of this a whole lot easier.   It could be as simple as
adding a script to the "shell cmds" - something similar to RenderMux.
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