[Cin] CinGG monthly packages and tars ready for uploading

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 04:01:18 CET 2020

The new tars and pkgs are now available along with the release notes with a
text copy below.  Mint 19.3 and earlier Mint versions package install and
static tar should work correctly - we tested both of these.  The package
install did see the dependency for libilmbase12 (with ilmThread and ilmIex)
and installed those here as needed.

A ub19 static tar is available again also.  It looks like ubuntu 20 will be
released April 23.  Generally we build for the LTS ubuntu, even-numbered
releases on a regular basis.

The OGG theora/vorbis rewrite may still have issues, but most people will
be using ffmpeg's version by default.

Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 02/01/2020-02/29/2020
for builds

A *Thank You to MatN* for his continuing updates and improvements to the
Cinelerra wikipaedia page.  He has added a table at the start of the page
with Cinelerra-GG as the first entry to emphasize that it it the one that
is being continuously worked and is the most relevant one.

1. Added a *Gentoo* static and dynamic Cinelerra build in the form of tars.
2. Rewrote and *added back OGG for Theora/Vorbis *because of complaints
about the ffmpeg version
    of ogg being a little erratic in rendered quality and size. This was
email and logged to BT # 313.
3. *Updated the following 16 libraries *to the latest release version
available at this time:
    giflib, libjpeg, twolame, tiff, x264, x265, dav1d, opus,
nv-codec-headers, libwebp, openjpeg,
    and for LV2 – jalv, suil, sratom, lilvsord, and serd.
4. The monthly build computer *Operating System distros have been updated*
if any updates needed.
    Of note is the upgrade from Mint 19 to Mint 19.3 where several problems
have been reported.
5. *Usability Improvements:*
    New plugin, *ColorSpace*, has been added to convert color space/range
with BT601, BT709,
       BT2020,  and Mpeg / Jpeg along with Inverse as options.  See the
manual for a short description.
    In the Resources windows for ffmpeg media under Info/Details, there is
now included the Color
       space and range (it will read “unknown” if not one of the
standards).  An example would be:
       “colorspace:bt709/range:tv”.  Adding this information was a good
suggestion from Andrea.
    More *improved Spanish *translations from Sergio to include the po
file, tips.es, and expanders.txt
       which is the video/audio categorized effects.
    The addition of *PulseAudio* as a choice for Preferences audio driver
is now part of the builds.
    *IMPORTANT: the shortcut for “Delete last track” has been changed* from
the lower case letter “d”
       to Ctrl-Shift-D.  Having just “d” was somewhat dangerous per Dan
(Quinton?) because off screen.
    A “format” option button for ffmpeg in the Render menu shows up when
you click on the Video
       wrench icon.  This provides a few more tuning operators for the
render for choices like mp4.
6. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*
    Allowing F_colorspace to be visible as a plugin.  Updated Info on
plugins and Expander for this and
       new ColorSpace plugin.
    Updated bld_prepare.sh to include Tumbleweed.
    Continuing improvements to the manual for minor corrections and to add
any new capabilities.
      Work done in collaboration with Andrea and MatN.
    Another round for ffmpeg latest git version updated.  Andrew keeps us
informed about this so that
      we keep up to date for future ffmpeg official releases.
    A small change has been added so that the “expanders.txt” file, used to
categorize video and audio
       effects, can be translated for different languages.  In addition
modified Sketcherwindow for some
       missing translatable phrases and a more qualified word.
    The Debian “rules” file has been modified to add dh_makeshlibs and
dh_shlibdeps to ensure that all
       of the dependencies are called for in a package install.  Problem
came up on Mint 19.3.
    Changed error message in Render/Batchrender when Create Labels checked
but none found (Ed).
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