[Cin] Historical question about Broadcast2000

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 13:17:51 CET 2020

Hello, all!

Not sure if anyone will be able to answer this, but I was reading archived page about Broadcast2000
(out of it Cinelerra was born) and found interesting paragraph:



    When Broadcast 2000 plays back, it reads large chunks of data from disk, asynchronously sends small fragments through the console, and overlays the output of each module onto the output channels. The same thing happens for video, but video is overlayed on a single output frame instead of channels. Make sure Window->show console is checked, to bring up the console. As you can see, each track on the timeline is routed through a module.

    It's possible to even synthesize sounds from the console but you must turn off disable tracks when no edits in preferences->playback.

    Start playing a file and tweek the faders. The O buttons reset the meters in case you clip. The pan box was designed to support more than 2 channels. For 2 channel panning, more precision can be achieved by moving the cross to the bottom of the box and panning left and right. Track titles can be entered from the console as well.

    Resize the console window and see what happens.

I wonder how it looked and worked?

was it a bit like Node-based editing? (I only saw few videos about Blender and Natron using this mode, never used it myself.)

If enough infrastructure remains in Cinelerra for supporting this mode - may be it can be re-instanced ....?

I for example can imagine grouping two stereo tracks into 'Eng' and 'Rus' audio tracks in avi/mpeg2/mkv container .....
Not sure if today you can do this in one pass in Cinelerra?

Also, shared effect idea makes a bit more sense now, at least for me ...

I saw few more references to Broadcast2000:


comments are mostly ..low-quality, but this is history now :}

(NLE Video Editors 
by Robin Rowe on February 1, 2002)

I hope this one will stay within archive.org at least ....

(Amateur Video Production Using Free Software and Linux
by Mike Petullo on May 21, 2002)

Seriously, 2X 1000Mhz P3 was way above anything I hand back in those years 


Two more historical screenshots (probably they missed from archive.org's 
copy of Cinelerra/Broadcast2000 website  - never saw them before ...)

This one about Cinelerra already (from 2008) but still I watched small movie 
from last comment :}

"The Grumpy Editor's video journey part 2: Video editors
By Jonathan Corbet
January 23, 2008 Part of the LWN Grumpy Editor series"

May be one of those days I will prepare VM with old linux and try to compile something
as uncompileable as broadcast2000 :} 

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