[Cin] New libdav1d, ICC profile support in ffm[eg git

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 13:11:32 CET 2020

Fresh news!


But where things really got interesting for the Intel/AMD processors was 
the much faster 10-bit decoding of AV1 content with dav1d 0.6.0 for both Intel and AMD. 
Very significant gains in this case. 

---quote end---

In ffmpeg we can see


API: add AV_PKT_DATA_ICC_PROFILE to AVPacketSideDataType

and next few patches ....

comment in avcodec.h says:

+     * ICC profile data consisting of an opaque octet buffer following the
+     * format described by ISO 15076-1.
+     */
--end of quote----

pdf itself is huge, but hopefully other libs already have something?

v4 ICC Specification
 This version is technically identical to ISO 15076-1:2010, which is available from ISO. 
This is the most widely used version, first published in 2001. 
Specification ICC.1:2010-12 (Profile version  
Image technology colour management - Architecture, profile format, and data structure


Strange enough, but website littlecms.com doesn't work for me ....

Anyway, hopefully no-one need to *print* films right now, so it all 
will be about monitors and files..

I may misunderstand something, but whole point of color management
is to get same color on slightly different devices?

So, if you work with Monitor A and you have color profile for your monitor,
you can store  this profile somewhere in image and now video file, and then 
on load supported player/editor will auto-correct things, relative to another (monitor B)
output device, so you can work on colors across few monitors in different locations, say.

I may misunderstand this, never feel special need for such fine-tuning of colors.

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