[Cin] HAP codec, VC2 (dirac) encoder in ffmpeg tests

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 10:11:00 CET 2020


Sorry if I push too many mails with questionable  ideas, but ...

I recently was reading phoronix, Michael put up this article:

"Written by Michael Larabel in Standards on 9 March 2020 at 09:50 AM EDT. 20 Comments
STANDARDS --  Compression experts Rich Geldreich and Stephanie Hurlburt with 
their Binomial consulting firm are about to release a high-quality open-source compression codec for GPUs."

This made me think, because I already saw something along those lines....
When should I use Hap?  Will my hardware support Hap?
For most realtime video projects, traditional CPU-based codecs such as Photo-JPEG or
 the Apple Intermediate Codec offer a reasonable tradeoff between image quality, CPU 
use and file size. However, when you need to play back a lot of movies at once — 
particularly if they are high-res — the CPU load may exceed the limits of your processors. 
These situations are where highly optimized codecs (like Hap) are most useful. 
On the Mac you will need to be running 10.6.8 or later, on PC Vista or newer — 
you don't need a super-fast computer, but you do need a fast drive for playback (preferably an SSD).
--quote end---

basically, high-datarate codec based on DXT compression + libsnappy. In theory ffmpeg
should be able to encode it, if compiled with such library, I compiled system ffmpeg with this option:


but CinGG's copy of ffmpeg still compiles with default, no.
On next rebuild I'll try this option.

At least I can encode such file with
ffmpeg -i ~/0005.avi -c:v hap -c:a copy /dev/shm/HAP.mov

and result viewable in CinGG (but not OpenGL accelerated, iiuc)
command line from https://gist.github.com/dlublin/e4585b872dd136ae88b2aa51a6a89aac
("Encoding to Hap from the command line using FFmpeg")

But then I tried vc2 encoder, in both qt and mkv containers, and while CinGG
compiled with ffmpeg git was able to open  this file, it failed with both old ffplay and
new (as in, compiled few days ago with recent ffmpeg) mpalyer :/

So, probably not very useful ...

I also tried to switch various format options,
but for both qt and mkv Cin was saying:

no format named: mkv

so, may be some mapping between Cin internal "formats" and ffmpeg still off.
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