[Cin] Checked in tweaked patches from Andrew - EXR, PNG, and TIFF

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 16:57:25 CET 2020


> Also, minor bug:
> If I render OpenEXR sequence, load it, play it,
> and then delete main image files but NOT index *.exrs
>  - and try to load file from "recent files" sub-menu in main menu - Cin
> will terminate
> Easily reproduced here.  GG says OpenExr is doing a "throw" and Cinelerra
normally does not "catch". This would be the very first "catch" in
Cinelerra if it would be added and that is not the way gg wants to go
unless we absolutely have to. This requires the error handling
characteristics of the C++ runtime library.
If you do that same thing with a TIFF sequence, it passes the error
correctly back to Cinelerra to field instead of crash.
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