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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun May 31 23:57:36 CEST 2020

The latest distro built versions are on the website for tars and pkgs.  We
did do 1 more last Ubuntu19 static tar but hopefully users will have
upgraded to Ubuntu20 by next month.  A text copy of the Release Notes,
which are also on the website, are listed below for May.  We tested the
package version for Ubuntu 20 and Mint 19.3 but please let us know of any

Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 05/01/2020-05/31/2020

*First, some notable musings:*
- *50th monthly release* of Cin5.1/CinGG providing user builds for a number
of distros.

- The *bug tracking system* starting on 2018-11-26 with issue # 1 is
working well with a *total of 442*
  feature requests or problems to date.  There are about 170 open issues
and 240 closed ones.

- The partially *Spanish translated manual by Sergio* has been updated and
is at:

- *Wikipedia French *version is being updated by *MatN and Pierre*.

- A very detailed description of *how to make a video which includes TIFF
images converted* from
  raw Nikon DSLR images with Raw Therapee has been written by *Richard*.
It is at:

1.  Implementation of new *Audio features* (Glen + others request) include:
     #1 request - Audio track height button now available that is separate
from the video track height.
     #2 request – difficulty in coming up with a way to implement combining
stereo tracks together.
2.  Upgraded the build system distros to the latest updates available
during May.  And updated Arch
     and Tumbleweed on the 30th so it is in synch as much as possible.
Because Leap opensuse 42.3
     reached End of Life in June of 2019, no more builds will be done for
that distro.
3. *Usability Improvements*:
    The last of the Videoscope improvements to include an additional
setting request of “
*Refresh on       Release”* for dragging on the Compositor and Viewer and
the TimeBar on the timeline (Pierre
       suggested feature).
    *Rotate* plugin fixes to include making the + rotate point dependent on
the track size, increasing the
       scaling when use the mouse wheel over the rotate dial, and fixing a
bug in OpenGL for a yuv color
       model (RafaMar BT # 422).
    Capability added to *individually increase/decrease vertical size* of
any track in the patchbay.  The
       tumbler icons for most themes were created new (provided by IgorBeg).
    Spanish modifications for translation and tips have been added
(provided by RafaMar).
    Plugin expanders and minor French translations added (provided by
    An enhancement to the Dump file was made to show what is in cache to
help in analysis.
    Transitions at the beginning of a video track were not showing up when
the video driver was
       OpenGL, but this has now been fixed.
    A circular situation was occurring when 1 video track using a shared
track was pointing at a track
       that was pointing back at the other track.  With the correction when
this occurs an error message is
       generated similar to “circular references, track #, plugin_set 0,
plugin 0” (RafaMar BT #423).
    Corrected a nested asset audio bug when using clips from the same
initial track (Fary54 BT # 425).
    Boxblur plugin had an integer round off problem in the “power”
parameter fixed (RafaMar BT #429).           Fixes were added to avoid
memory leaks and other problems as noted by a Valgrind report to include
       fixes for loss bytes problem in edl.C and performanceprefs.C
(provided by Andrea).
    A booby lock problem in keyframe was found and corrected.
    Added a startup lock for LV2 plugins to avoid problems.
    Vicon thread crash has been fixed.  This has been happening for awhile
but inability to determine the
       cause resulted in a delayed fix (Andrea noted this crash,  provided
number dumps/tests).  Vicons
       are used in the Resources Window as a thumbnail picture of the media
and the problem seemed
       to be only when using the “mouse over” feature which solo-ed the
    In using OpenEDL on a nested asset in level 1, when the length is
modified the change was not being
      propagated to level 0.  This is now fixed (Fary54 BT #430).
    Fixed audio/video module in the nested command setup to solve a problem
when loading several
      nested assets resulted in a corrupt audio edit (Fary54 BT #425).
    For the Speed auto, when changing the speed by means of a numerical
value, the speed change was
      incorrect but is now fixed (RafaMar BT # 436).  Another problem with
Speed auto when set the
      value to 20 instead of 2 was located and fixed.
    Perspective effect was showing a single un-changed frame when used to
rotate an image horizontally
      but a mod was created to handle that divide by 0 case and show no
image instead (MatN BT #432).
    The thumbnails on the timeline were not being updated when using
OpenEDL and making edits in
      layer 1 and then reverted back to level 0.  This is now fixed.
    When you drag & drop a nested clip from Media to a new MediaUserBin it
now shows up correctly
      in the Resource window (IgorBeg BT # 427).
    Presets for plugins using the Attach Effects menu was crashing but is
now fixed (DeJay / MatN).
    The Title of the program window was not being updated when loading a
project XML file using the
      Load file pulldown so that is working right now (IgorBeg BT #431).
    A patch was made to correctly propagate gang autos.
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