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Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 00:54:27 CET 2020

В сообщении от Saturday 31 October 2020 23:53:47 Phyllis Smith via Cin написал(а):
> The new October 31 tars and pkgs are available to download from the
> website:  cinelerra-gg.org
> You can download Ugin's lesson1 showing usage of the Projector, labels, and
> the updated GoTo menu from a permanent spot at:
> https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/media/tutorials/projector_usage.mp4
> Release notes can be downloaded also but a text version is below.

Cool, I updated Rosa Linux 2016 (x86_64) rpms at


Unfortunately, Vlad's latest reinstall of Rosa on SSD failed for some reason during system update, not sure when he will be able to test it.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  *Release Notes for 10/01/2020-10/31/2020 *for
> builds
> Special *thanks to Pierre/IgorB* for testing and help with great
> suggestions for improving Tile Mixers.
> A lesson in Projector usage with labels and the new GoTo menu has been *done
> by Ugin* (Preobraz).
> *1. Usability Improvements:*
>    Transitions if disabled will no longer show on expanded tracks or be
> draggable (expansion is done in
>        the patchbay). This was an email request from IgorBeg.
>     Camera/Projector autorange icons improved (as provided by Igor Beg in
> BT #511).
>     *New Timeblur plugin* was created which blurs a certain number of
> frames together.
>     *Histogram plugin* Frames feature added last month did not meet the
> user’s specifications so has now
>        been modified with a button to “Sum frames” instead to provide a
> better result.
>     *Drag Select* and Deselect edits on the timeline (BT #494).
>     Added Deselect Edits to MMB on the track to unselect edits within the
> insert pointer area or
>        selection area (fary54 within BT #494).
>     Spanish translations updated by RafaMar.
>     In the Labels folder of the Resources window, a Double Click on a label
> will move the cursor to that
>        label on the timeline, thus avoiding have to use the pulldown option
> of Go To (fary54 BT #518).
>     Some changes in the Window pulldown of *Split X / Split Y panes*
> include:
>        - The separator lines have been visibly enhanced to make them stand
> out a little more without
>           making them overwhelming (quintao BT #525).
>        - Guards have been added to the code in some areas of Split X/Y code
> to prevent odd behavior.
>        - Draw of the panes has had a bug fixed and speedup added, in
> particular in the case of a redraw.
>     *Gang mode* changes include:
>       - Gang flags in the patchbay specifically when in Gang Channels or
> Gang Media modes will
>         operate as set in the Master Track.  For example, if when in Gang
> Channels mode, you turn off
>        “Play track” on the visible audio track, none of the associated
> channels (i.e. the other stereo or
>         other 5 channels will play).  And if in Gang Media mode, if you
> turn on “Play track” for the
>         Master Track, all associated video and audio tracks will play
> unless you turned off “Play track” for
>           some of the associated audio/video slave tracks which will not
> play (email discussion started by
>          Oon-Ee Ng). There is still some work to do here yet and to
> document.
>      - A bug was found while working on Gang Modes where the Master Track
> was set incorrectly.
>      - The gang flag was originally stored in the EDL session but is now
> moved in order to maintain
>        correct rendering.  This means that for any existing project, the
> gang mode will be set to 1 initially
>        but then when resaved in the user preference mode, will be right the
> next time loaded.
>     *Proxy changes* include:
>      - Added 1 (1:1) as an option for proxying because by lowering the
> bitrate, cpu usage can be as much
>        as 4 times lower without having to be concerned with scaling
> (quintao in BT #516).
>      - Revised the menu layout based on user feedback (from several users
> per BT #516).
>    *Tile Mixers* has been improved so that you can designate a rectangle
> area where you want the
>        mixers to be tiled.  In addition this location of the mixers will
> saved when you “Save layout” under
>        the Window pulldown (IgorBeg/Pierre BT #531).
> *2. Bugs/Issued Fixed:*
>    Audio Transitions when On not checked still was on  - now fixed.
>    Plugin Server problem when missing for Transitions (Andrew dmp).
>    Another vicon render failure was determined to be the cause of a crash
> that has now been fixed (BT
>      #524 by Pierre).
>    If the program is stopped while a Render is running, for example a
> Transcode, there was a crash but
>      this has now been guarded against (BT #524 by Pierre).
>    Transitions between certain edit conditions is now more correctly
> handled.
>    Record Gui “Video Mtr” button disable will now result in the menu being
> taken down (Fary54 BT
>      #519).
>    Updated shortcuts.html file.
>    The SVG via Inkscape plugin was no longer honoring the alpha
> transparency channel due to changes
>      in the Inkscape program.  This has been fixed but if more changes to
> Inkscape are made, it could
>      break again (Armando reported in the forum).
>    Updated ffmpeg mpegtsenc bluray patch to get more in synch.
>    Tweak asset equivalent for batchrender warn which was causing false
> alarms.
>    Removed redundant ffmpeg leak fix (which was patch 4 as Andrew told us).
>    Fixed “Resize Track” menu for assets in Resources window and on the
> timeline track  to work with
>      proxy .  Also added a Reset button to easily revert to the original
> size, retained the Scale values
>      when resized, and made the menu a little wider (IgorBeg BT#530).
>    Draw vicon mode in the Resources window for “Src Target” was
> inadvertently not working but has
>      now been fixed (IgorBeg BT#528).
>    Resize bug for Filelist type assets, such as png, has been fixed.
>    Patch provided to fix compilation when “with-commercial” is used (mehw
> BT #532).

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