[Cin] Sad news: Our developer Good Guy has passed away

Sergio Daniel Gomez sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar
Tue Nov 10 11:09:02 CET 2020

I regret greatly such a loss and I wish eternal rest in God's hands. My 
condolence to the family and friends.

El 09/11/2020 a las 16:57, Sam via Cin escribió:
> It is with dismay and sadness that I have to announce this devastating 
> news that our highly esteemed developer W.P. Morrow aka Good Guy died 
> in a traffic accident last Monday at the age of 66. Bill, as he also 
> called in private, was as so often in his free time, out for sports 
> riding his bicycle when he was hit by a truck. He was taken to 
> hospital, but unfortunately he succumbed to his severe injuries.
> This news is shocking and makes me speechless, although I find it 
> extremely difficult to find words due to my sadness, I would like to 
> remember him at this point.
> A look back shows that, together with Phyllis, he has pushed this 
> project forward with great passion, dedication and commitment. His 
> ingenuity and creative solutions were always an enrichment for this 
> project. He was never too comfortable to tackle even small problems 
> and improvements to make the life of the users easier. You could tell 
> that he enjoyed programming a lot. He enjoyed improving Cinelerra-GG 
> and interacting with the community. He has acted selflessly and for 
> the good of all, and through his commitment to free and open software, 
> he has made this world a bit freer and better.
> The gap he leaves behind is huge and filling it will be hard.
> Thanks for everything dear Bill. It was a great honor and pleasure to 
> work with you. You will be remembered. We will miss you. Rest in peace.
> I express my condolences to Phyllis, his family and friends.
> Sam
> P.S.: Phyllis has expressed the wish to resume work on the project at 
> a later date, currently she needs some time off, and to participate in 
> the documentation and correspondence as usual. I will continue to 
> support this project as before. The monthly releases cannot be offered 
> in the same way at the moment. Minor changes and improvements will 
> take place from time to time. We are open for new developers and hope 
> for your support.

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