[Cin] UPD: Re: DNxHR presets

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 22:35:34 CET 2020

> I also tested _lb and _sq presets.
> They also seems to accept only yuv422p
> Should I add some remark all those are for using with progressive video?
> (in file itself, so user will see it in window, othervise reason why it fails to render may be hidden, if user start Cin from menu)

I do not know if it is right to continue this discussion. I think GG
would like it!

Yes, it is, HQ; SQ and LB are only 8-bit. 444 e HQX are 10-bit (in ffmpeg).
See: https://avid.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/white_paper/DNxHR-Codec-Bandwidth-Specifications
(second table).

Good idea to add info on bit-depth and interlacing.

My test:
timeline 1920x1080; h264 and png, 20sec (612 frames).

Your presets:
LB; SQ; HQ; HQX and 444: the only pixel formats is yuv420p (not
supported) --> Error rendering data.

My preset:
444_yuv: render 13 sec; size 1.0 GB; Color space RGB (mediainfo)
444_gbr:        18 sec;      1.0 GB;             yuv    ""
HQX_422_10:     10 sec:      536 MB;             yuv    ""
HQ_422_8:       07 sec;      535 MB;             yuv    ""
SQ_422_8:       07 sec;      354 MB;             yuv    ""
LB_422_8:       07 sec;      110 MB;             yuv    ""

Those shown are the only pixel formats that work for each preset.
I don't know why my CinGG behaves wrong. I build it from git (not root).

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