[Cin] Sad news: Our developer Good Guy has passed away

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 05:45:40 CET 2020

В сообщении от Tuesday 10 November 2020 18:33:02 Phyllis Smith via Cin написал(а):
> Thanks to all of you for your kind words.  The greatest thing to help me
> feel better is just for you to continue to use Cinelerra in whatever form
> you can as Bill always just wanted to make sure it lives on in the NLE
> world.  Phyllis

Sorry for delay, and while I can't offer much - some of those 'pony stories' helped me back in 2017 when I had some loss too (not humans, but I was seriously hoping to help and save those two dolphins [0]... whole thing collapsed, and both dolphins died).

So, I turned into thing I like most - reading.
Some stories I found quite ..uneasy to read, but some are much lighter, and fun read (for me, at least).

Just this night I looked  for specific story and found it:


Programmer goes to Hell. Things can't be worse! For Hell itself! Because, you know, both Heaven and Hell start from 'H', and with enought work  and creativity  .....

"I want you to go forth and bring me all the books, articles and works of programming ever invented or created by Man. Make a big library for it all, maybe put it on the outskirts, beyond the water park, say. Make sure there are working examples of every computer, every system, every console and computing machine of the last... oh... fifty years or so. Make sure it all works, and include all the secret stuff from all the governments, too. Oh - and if, by some chance - there really are aliens out there, or super-advanced anything, get their programming books and machines too. Translated into English, of course. I want all the computer knowledge there is. Also math. I want a fully complete wing in the library devoted to math, especially physics, the study of randomness and chaos and... oh! Another wing filled with all human - or beyond - knowledge of neurology and the workings of the brain and mind. Hup to! Chop chop!"

Pip looked shocked. Then he gave another evil smirk. "Indulging even a complex hobby is but a blink to the awesome horror of eternity, Madame. But, if that is what you desire to learn, then..."

"No, Pip. Not me. You. Once you get everything in place, I want you to learn it all. Every bit of it. All of it. Completely. And do so as quickly as you can, because I have more for you to do after that."


You also might like other stories from same volume, but again, not all of them light reading. Feel free to disagree over details - fanfiction  is about read-write culture, so even for your own enjoyment you can literally  rewrite pieces. But I think you will like generic direction of thoughts from this author.

[0] - https://savedolphins.net/zeus-the-dolphin-hunts-live-fish-for-the-first-time-after-being-held-in-captivity-for-about-2-years/

> On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 12:58 PM Sam via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>
> wrote:
> > It is with dismay and sadness that I have to announce this devastating
> > news that our highly esteemed developer W.P. Morrow aka Good Guy died in
> > a traffic accident last Monday at the age of 66. Bill, as he also called
> > in private, was as so often in his free time, out for sports riding his
> > bicycle when he was hit by a truck. He was taken to hospital, but
> > unfortunately he succumbed to his severe injuries.
> >
> > This news is shocking and makes me speechless, although I find it
> > extremely difficult to find words due to my sadness, I would like to
> > remember him at this point.
> >
> > A look back shows that, together with Phyllis, he has pushed this
> > project forward with great passion, dedication and commitment. His
> > ingenuity and creative solutions were always an enrichment for this
> > project. He was never too comfortable to tackle even small problems and
> > improvements to make the life of the users easier. You could tell that
> > he enjoyed programming a lot. He enjoyed improving Cinelerra-GG and
> > interacting with the community. He has acted selflessly and for the good
> > of all, and through his commitment to free and open software, he has
> > made this world a bit freer and better.
> >
> > The gap he leaves behind is huge and filling it will be hard.
> >
> > Thanks for everything dear Bill. It was a great honor and pleasure to
> > work with you. You will be remembered. We will miss you. Rest in peace.
> >
> > I express my condolences to Phyllis, his family and friends.
> >
> > Sam
> >
> > P.S.: Phyllis has expressed the wish to resume work on the project at a
> > later date, currently she needs some time off, and to participate in the
> > documentation and correspondence as usual. I will continue to support
> > this project as before. The monthly releases cannot be offered in the
> > same way at the moment. Minor changes and improvements will take place
> > from time to time. We are open for new developers and hope for your
> > support.
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