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Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 22:44:09 CET 2020

В сообщении от Thursday 12 November 2020 23:53:40 MatN via Cin написал(а):
> On Thu, 12 Nov 2020 21:41:20 +0100 (CET), MatN via Cin wrote:
> >On Wed, 11 Nov 2020 23:47:17 +0100, Andrea paz via Cin wrote:
> >
> >>I think you need to copy Andrew's presets to ".../bin/ffmpeg/video"
> >>after compilation. At least that's what I do. If you want to do it
> >>before compiling then you have to copy the presets to
> >>".../ffmpeg/video", which is in the main directory, without entering
> >>"/bin". But I don't understand the code at all, sorry.
> >>In this way DNxHR.mov. are also displayed. To me only the 420 appears
> >>without other options. Since the 420 is not supported by DNxHR then
> >>the render fails. For Andrew it works fine.
> >
> >@Andrea,
> >
> >Ok, got it. The .mov files need to be in the cinelerra5.1/ffmpeg/video
> >directory, and the "make install" copies that ffmpeg directory to the bin
> >directory (a "make clean" removes that and some other subdirectories of bin).
> >
> >Now if in the render window I choose file format ffmpeg.mov, then open the
> >video options, I get the 7 extra options DnxHR options in the 'compression"
> >dropdown. I presume you get this far too?
> >Then if I select e.g. DNxHR_HQ, the Pixels dropdown has extra entries like
> >yuv422p . Do you get this?
> I can render a file with DNxHR_HQ pixel yuv422p fine, but it expands
> enormously. The source Jellyfish .MP4 file was 35 MB, the .mov file 787 Mb.
> VLC's codec info on that file shows indeed dnxhr yuv422p .
> So what is the advantage of these DNxHR formats?

According to this:

The MainConcept VC-3 SDK Packages for Avid DNxHD and Avid DNxHR are software-only solutions which enable application developers to integrate with production tools like Avid Media Composer and Avid Interplay storage solutions
or cameras which store media in either of these formats. Avid DNxHD and DNxHR are based on the SMPTE 2019-2006 (VC-3) specification.

so, basically standard codec  for exchange with Big Boys (AVID, etc)
Better to be put on fast storage.

Try to play it back/forward, framestep, fastforward, and randomly hit various places on relatively long timeline, notice if there any difference in responsiveness with h264.

> MatN

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