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Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 09:40:13 CET 2020

В сообщении от Friday 13 November 2020 07:05:19 вы написали:
> Den 12.11.2020 13:57, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu:
> > For cinelerra/defaultformats.h
> >
> > I de-capitalized "I" in presets, but I'm not sure about overall aesthetics of "P" vs "p" or how I added "(HDV)" to some presets (because I think those 720p presets can be used outside of HDV material?)
> >
> > Terje, can you try to pull cinGG sources from git, apply my patch
> > (git apply PATCH from source tree) and build with "--with-single-user", so there will be no danger to your Cin isntallation and see if patch actually gives workable settings for your real footage?
> Here I reach my limit :
> Though I've worked with civil engineering, I'm not familiar with 
> building, compiling and patching computer software :)
> Actually, almost five years ago, GG guided me step by step by email to 
> compile my first Cin5.0 on openSUSE 42.1.
> Since then I've just installed pre-build rpm packages, included the 
> current Cin-GG 5.1 on Leap 15.2.
> So to do it now, I will need the detailed command procedure, step by 
> step again ;)


there is big script in cinelerra/cinelerra-5.1/blds/bld_prepare.sh

I'll copy-paste part of it so you can copy/paste it into terminal (konsole, xterm ..) and execute as root (or use gui for isntalling all those packages, but I think it will be more time consuming):

zypper -n install nasm gcc gcc-c++ zlib-devel texinfo libpng16-devel \
    freeglut-devel libXv-devel alsa-devel libbz2-devel ncurses-devel \
    libXinerama-devel freetype-devel libXft-devel giflib-devel ctags \
    bitstream-vera-fonts xorg-x11-fonts-core xorg-x11-fonts dejavu-fonts \
    openexr-devel libavc1394-devel festival-devel libjpeg8-devel libdv-devel \
    libdvdnav-devel libdvdread-devel libiec61883-devel libuuid-devel \
    ilmbase-devel fftw3-devel libsndfile-devel libtheora-devel flac-devel \
    libtiff-devel inkscape cmake patch libnuma-devel lzma-devel udftools git \
    yasm autoconf automake rpm-build libjbig-devel libvdpau-devel libva-devel \
    gtk2-devel libusb-1_0-devel libpulse-devel libtool python

after this you should have 'git' command available.

as user:

create some dir, I usually create src/ in my home and then add software-specific dirs there.

You can use your GUI filemanager for this task or in terminal:

$ mkdir src
$ cd src
$ mkdir cin5
$ cd cin5

"$" indicates user-level shell, as opposed to root shell ending with "#"

 now git clone  git://git.cinelerra-gg.org/goodguy/cinelerra.git

you can add --depth 1 if you want only last commit and not whole tree with history. But I hope you have anough hdd space.

my build takes 2692M without OpenCV plugins.

when this step finished you must have cinelerra tree cloned. Go to 
cinelerra-5.1 (should be alongside CineRmt, you can use 'ls' to look around - it prints list of files  and directories) using 'cd' comman (cd stands for 'change directory')

apply my patch:
git apply DEFAULT_FORMATS-2.patch if you saved it under this name. This psecific form looks for file in current dir, so place it there, or use 

git apply /path/to/some/place/DEFAULT_FORMATS-2.patch

hopefully this step shouldn't give you errors.

and from there execute ./autogen.sh

when this finishes correctly run

./configure --with-single-user

autogen script calls various autotools to generate configure script, you can look (with mcedit/nano/kate) into each script but configure will be rather large. I hope there will be no need  to mess with them.

now you should see summary of things configure found on your system. If it looks ok then just type make and look at all those lines scrolling past :} (you may use this trick with tee and log file redirection, but I just watch lines scroll)

if everything finishes without error - then run make install (as user) . It will give you 'bin' directory inside source tree to run ./cin from

> >
> >  From dialogs it seems Aspect Ratio at the bottom of format window IS Screen/Display aspect ration, and W/H ratio is about non-square pixels.
> >
> > But I wonder how it supposed to work for rendering back into HDV?
> > If your pipeline set to 1440x1080, and you encode just with special flag set - all movements and graphics and text and masked effects you added must be somewhat scaled horizontally up and down? (because if Compositor shows 1920x1080 image, and you draw nice square with Sketcher there - how those pixels will be drawn on top of project size sized frame? Or you must have special overlay track set to 1920x1080 where you draw, and then just let Cin  mix two?)
> >
> > NOTE: I don't think this will adds autodetect-on-load but at least having correct profiles somewhere might be 0.2 step in this direction.
> However, via a previous mail thread with url to a small hdv video clip, 
> this file can be downloaded and tested:
> CinCV TNG] Setting up a Project
> https://lists.cinelerra-cv.org/pipermail/cinelerra/2016q4/005613.html
> http://mvd.homevideo.free.fr/films_HDV/20081103140154.m2t
> ============
> mediainfo provides a longer detailed list, but here is a short list using
> ffprobe 20081103140154.m2t
> .............
> Input #0, mpegts, from '20081103140154.m2t':
>    Duration: 00:00:13.44, start: 1042.400000, bitrate: 26598 kb/s
>    Program 100
>      Stream #0:0[0x810]: Video: mpeg2video (Main) ([2][0][0][0] / 
> 0x0002), yuv420p(tv, bt709, top first), 1440x1080 [SAR 4:3 DAR 16:9], 
> 25000 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 90k tbn, 50 tbc
>      Stream #0:1[0x814]: Audio: mp2 ([3][0][0][0] / 0x0003), 48000 Hz, 
> stereo, s16p, 384 kb/s
> ============
> I loaded this hdv file 20081103140154.m2t in my current Cin-GG, and 
> noticed the Set Format window with
> Canvas size=1440x1080, W.Ratio=1, H.Ratio=1, Aspect Ratio= 4:3, 
> Interlace mode=Bottom field first
> Attached screen shot below
> The video image aspect ratio seems be 4:3 in the compositor and player 
> windows.
> Shouldn't Cin-GG with "FFmpeg First" button enabled, detect and set the 
> same parameters like ffprobe detect above?

I think it should, probably bug or something not wired up yet ....

> In the past, Cin-CV did not auto-detect aspect ratio, and only applied 
> Format aspect ratio on the output,
> not on the individual input files.
> https://cinelerra.skolelinux.narkive.com/kkJef8tW/cincvs-compositor-stretching-16-9
> =============
> Terje J. H

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