[Cin] HDV on a Blu-ray Disc Without Re-encoding

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 05:07:45 CET 2020

Den 23.11.2020 03:40, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu:
> В сообщении от Monday 23 November 2020 05:15:35 Terje J. Hanssen написал(а):
>> bd_20201122.udfs blocks 26871
> mkudffs /dev/shm/bd_20201122.udfs  26871
> filename=/dev/shm/bd_20201122.udfs
> label=LinuxUDF
> uuid=5fbb20bec1715abc
> blocksize=512
> blocks=26871
> udfrev=2.01
> start=0, blocks=64, type=ERASE
> start=64, blocks=13, type=VRS
> start=77, blocks=19, type=ERASE
> start=96, blocks=16, type=MVDS
> start=112, blocks=16, type=ERASE
> start=128, blocks=16, type=LVID
> start=144, blocks=112, type=ERASE
> start=256, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
> start=257, blocks=26352, type=PSPACE
> start=26609, blocks=5, type=ERASE
> start=26614, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
> start=26615, blocks=73, type=ERASE
> start=26688, blocks=16, type=RVDS
> start=26704, blocks=166, type=ERASE
> start=26870, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
> without 'blocks' word :}
> but I do not know if you should set media type also? (-m)

Yes, thanks - that works better:

mkudffs /data/tmp/bd_20201122.udfs  26871

    start=0, blocks=16, type=RESERVED
    start=16, blocks=3, type=VRS
    start=19, blocks=237, type=USPACE
    start=256, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
    start=257, blocks=16, type=PVDS
    start=273, blocks=1, type=LVID
    start=274, blocks=26340, type=PSPACE
    start=26614, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
    start=26615, blocks=239, type=USPACE
    start=26854, blocks=16, type=RVDS
    start=26870, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR

mkdir /mntX

mount -o loop /data/tmp/bd_20201122.udfs /mntX

which bdwrite


/usr/bin/bdwrite /mntX /data/video/Diverse/20081103140154.m2ts

umount /mntX


Search for created BD file or folder:

find / -name "bd_2020*"


file /data/tmp/bd_20201122.udfs

    /data/tmp/bd_20201122.udfs: data


Compare sizes of udfs older and the original m2ts file:

du -h /data/tmp/bd_20201122.udfs

    45M /data/tmp/bd_20201122.udfs

du -h /data/video/Diverse/20081103140154.m2ts

    45M /data/video/Diverse/20081103140154.m2ts


But I had expected a BD_folder with tree structure and empty udfs like 
this sample from previous rendering;

tree -h /data/video/bd_20161216-153642

    ├── [183M]  bd.m2ts
    ├── [ 394]  bd.sh
    ├── [191M]  bd.udfs
    ├── [5.3K]  bd.xml
    └── [4.0K]  udfs

    1 directory, 4 files

Possibly some additional steps to write it to harddisk (before BD burning)?

Terje J. H

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