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The new October 31 tars and pkgs are available to download from the
website:  cinelerra-gg.org
You can download Ugin's lesson1 showing usage of the Projector, labels, and
the updated GoTo menu from a permanent spot at:
Release notes can be downloaded also but a text version is below.
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  *Release Notes for 10/01/2020-10/31/2020 *for

Special *thanks to Pierre/IgorB* for testing and help with great
suggestions for improving Tile Mixers.
A lesson in Projector usage with labels and the new GoTo menu has been *done
by Ugin* (Preobraz).

*1. Usability Improvements:*
   Transitions if disabled will no longer show on expanded tracks or be
draggable (expansion is done in
       the patchbay). This was an email request from IgorBeg.
    Camera/Projector autorange icons improved (as provided by Igor Beg in
BT #511).
    *New Timeblur plugin* was created which blurs a certain number of
frames together.
    *Histogram plugin* Frames feature added last month did not meet the
user’s specifications so has now
       been modified with a button to “Sum frames” instead to provide a
better result.
    *Drag Select* and Deselect edits on the timeline (BT #494).
    Added Deselect Edits to MMB on the track to unselect edits within the
insert pointer area or
       selection area (fary54 within BT #494).
    Spanish translations updated by RafaMar.
    In the Labels folder of the Resources window, a Double Click on a label
will move the cursor to that
       label on the timeline, thus avoiding have to use the pulldown option
of Go To (fary54 BT #518).
    Some changes in the Window pulldown of *Split X / Split Y panes*
       - The separator lines have been visibly enhanced to make them stand
out a little more without
          making them overwhelming (quintao BT #525).
       - Guards have been added to the code in some areas of Split X/Y code
to prevent odd behavior.
       - Draw of the panes has had a bug fixed and speedup added, in
particular in the case of a redraw.
    *Gang mode* changes include:
      - Gang flags in the patchbay specifically when in Gang Channels or
Gang Media modes will
        operate as set in the Master Track.  For example, if when in Gang
Channels mode, you turn off
       “Play track” on the visible audio track, none of the associated
channels (i.e. the other stereo or
        other 5 channels will play).  And if in Gang Media mode, if you
turn on “Play track” for the
        Master Track, all associated video and audio tracks will play
unless you turned off “Play track” for
          some of the associated audio/video slave tracks which will not
play (email discussion started by
         Oon-Ee Ng). There is still some work to do here yet and to
     - A bug was found while working on Gang Modes where the Master Track
was set incorrectly.
     - The gang flag was originally stored in the EDL session but is now
moved in order to maintain
       correct rendering.  This means that for any existing project, the
gang mode will be set to 1 initially
       but then when resaved in the user preference mode, will be right the
next time loaded.
    *Proxy changes* include:
     - Added 1 (1:1) as an option for proxying because by lowering the
bitrate, cpu usage can be as much
       as 4 times lower without having to be concerned with scaling
(quintao in BT #516).
     - Revised the menu layout based on user feedback (from several users
per BT #516).
   *Tile Mixers* has been improved so that you can designate a rectangle
area where you want the
       mixers to be tiled.  In addition this location of the mixers will
saved when you “Save layout” under
       the Window pulldown (IgorBeg/Pierre BT #531).
*2. Bugs/Issued Fixed:*
   Audio Transitions when On not checked still was on  - now fixed.
   Plugin Server problem when missing for Transitions (Andrew dmp).
   Another vicon render failure was determined to be the cause of a crash
that has now been fixed (BT
     #524 by Pierre).
   If the program is stopped while a Render is running, for example a
Transcode, there was a crash but
     this has now been guarded against (BT #524 by Pierre).
   Transitions between certain edit conditions is now more correctly
   Record Gui “Video Mtr” button disable will now result in the menu being
taken down (Fary54 BT
   Updated shortcuts.html file.
   The SVG via Inkscape plugin was no longer honoring the alpha
transparency channel due to changes
     in the Inkscape program.  This has been fixed but if more changes to
Inkscape are made, it could
     break again (Armando reported in the forum).
   Updated ffmpeg mpegtsenc bluray patch to get more in synch.
   Tweak asset equivalent for batchrender warn which was causing false
   Removed redundant ffmpeg leak fix (which was patch 4 as Andrew told us).
   Fixed “Resize Track” menu for assets in Resources window and on the
timeline track  to work with
     proxy .  Also added a Reset button to easily revert to the original
size, retained the Scale values
     when resized, and made the menu a little wider (IgorBeg BT#530).
   Draw vicon mode in the Resources window for “Src Target” was
inadvertently not working but has
     now been fixed (IgorBeg BT#528).
   Resize bug for Filelist type assets, such as png, has been fixed.
   Patch provided to fix compilation when “with-commercial” is used (mehw
BT #532).
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