[Cin] Current (10 sep 2020) pdf manual has some pictures displaced?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 03:05:16 CEST 2020

В сообщении от Friday 18 September 2020 22:13:10 Andrea paz via Cin написал(а):
> Thank you for pointing this out; I attach the correction.

Also, I think those are typos (misplaced space):

"Figure 16.4: Shows the Cakewalk theme (courtesy Olaf )on Preferences window with list of

p. 516

should be 

"Figure 16.4: Shows the Cakewalk theme (courtesy Olaf) on Preferences window with list of

"8.1 Automation Keyframes,/ Autos"

at p. 213 and in Index should be

"8.1 Automation Keyframes / Autos"

also, I think line under illustartion 10.4 at p. 243 is worng

it says "Figure 10.4: Screencast of the native Video plugins in the default Cinfinity icon set." but same text was for fig 10.1 on page 240

also, i think fig 10.8 ("Figure 10.8: Remove Deinterlace-CV plugin") on p.248 can be moved up a bit, so it will be  visually inside same section

also, fig Figure 10.11: , = expander; "-" = options at p. 253 ..

I think something wrong with template: a lot of those illustrations are just visually in next section, and not where they should be (page vs section anchor?)

p. 369 Figure 10.76: Before and after YUVShift adjusting is in section "10.9.90 Zoom Blur" as opposed to its own section "10.9.89 YUVShift"

at p. 470 "Figure 14.9: Subtitles on timeline" invaded section "14.4 Dvd Interlaced Chroma"

at p. 504 "Figure 16.2: Multi-screen Playback example useful for watching CINELERRA-GG run on the big screen" is visually in section "16.1.1 Audio Out section"

at p. 544 you probably should mention "Figure 18.1: Some windows used to manipulate Shell Commands scripts" somewhere in section text ?

at p. 563, I thing saying  "(Fig 19.2)" somewhere at the end of paragraph
19.7.2     Camera supplied LUTs
A LUT, acronym for Look-Up Table, is a mathematically precise way of taking spe-
cific RGB image values from a source image and modifying them to new RGB val-
ues by changing the hue, saturation and brightness values of that source image.
In other words, LUTs are used to map one color space to another. Some high-end
cameras supply a .cube file to use as input. There are several different ffmpeg
plugins included with CinGG for using Lut’s. These are:

will help? (image right after it, but with all this unwanted illustration wandering around ...)

May be all those will be autofixed by attached by Andrea  .tex file, but I know no way to test it without TeX installed ....

I mean, may be it was design choice, but I prefer illustrations to be literally on the same page or in same section as txt referencing them, if possible ....

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