[Cin] Histogram Plugin add on feature

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun Sep 20 09:45:59 CEST 2020

Can you confirm that this new feature on the Histogram Plugin is 
compatible with the old/current projects?


Il 20/09/2020 02:06, Phyllis Smith via Cin ha scritto:
> The Histogram Plugin will function as it did but a new feature has 
> been added and checked into GIT.  The one default that has been 
> changed is that you can choose a Linear or a Log slider value.  It is 
> set at the beginning to 50% but if you want it to be the same as 
> before, just set that slider all the way to Log.
> The easiest general procedure is to select the area on the timeline 
> for which you would like to see the Histogram averaged and then click 
> on the "Frames" button in the Histogram plugin.  Description of other 
> changes:
> Linear to Log slider - frequency in Linear range to Log range; default 
> is 50%; original was always Log.
> Frames button - if a Selection is set on the timeline, the number of 
> frames will be calculated and shown in the box next to it.
> Frame Count box - type in the number of frames you want to be looked 
> at starting at the insert marker or use the up/down counter.
> Clear Frames icon - reset the frame count to the default value of 0.
> A side note - by using a number of frames, you can get a 
> "dissolve-like transition effect" which is interesting.

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