[Cin] Error compiling .tex to pdf

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 03:45:13 CEST 2020

*Andrew*, I applied your patch + *Andrea*, I applied your several changes
from yesterday (DVD.tex, Editing, Plugins, Tips, and Trouble) with the
rearrangement of some images as Andrew had suggested.  They are checked
into GIT and the updated Manual is on the website.  I did have a little
trouble with Plugins.tex but I think I have it all resolved as I had to be
very careful with Motion plugin changes, but If Andrea could check the
yuvshift.png location to make sure I would appreciate that as I think I got
that wrong.

As Andrea already noted, keep the review and revisions coming as they are
easy to integrate for me.  And THANKS !!

For now I only fixed (hopefully!) 'assetts' vs 'assets' in
> Editing.tex and Loadandsave.tex

> >
> > The pdf looks the same after optimization, but it's better to ask
> Phyllis.
> >
2 things - 1) I think we settled on the style of the pdf awhile back as a
group discussion and all styles have merit,
and 2) I do not pay any attention to errors that LaTex generates unless it
actually stops because I do not even know what they mean anyway and do not
really plan on learning LaTex due to lack on time/interest.  As long as it
creates a pdf file, I am happy/lazy.
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