[Cin] Small typo fix for ru.po, question

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 20:20:44 CEST 2020

В сообщении от Monday 21 September 2020 20:38:38 Phyllis Smith via Cin написал(а):
> Andrew,
> > I translated Del as Удалить yet this word appear in dropdown menu
> > (Edit->Clear-> Clear (Del) ... ) in main window, where (I think) it
> > shouldn't be translated. Can this be fixed by marking it  as untraslatable?
> >
> > Yes, for example look in ru.po to see how the following are handled + look
> at the code since a small code change is needed as explained below.  It is
> easy to change and we did this at the request of IgorUbuntu as needed in
> the past.  But of course, you can supply the patch yourself.
>     sketcherwindow#Del
>     tracerwindow#Del
>     crikeywindow#Del

Like I did in attached file? (it seems to work, but I hope in other instances it remain translated). Ah, no, in Shell Commands window Del also remain Del (and not "Удалить")

I tried to make two spearate sections in po file, but it doesn't work either ....

#: cinelerra/binfolder.C:1635.
#: cinelerra/shbtnprefs.C:172
msgid "Del"
msgstr "Удалить"

#: cinelerra/mainmenu.C:1012
msgid "mainmenu.C#Del"
msgstr ""

> This is documented in the Manual in the Translation chapter but it is a
> little difficult to comprehend -
> NOTE: some words and abbreviations can lead to ambiguous language trans-
> lations. Therefore, the usage of C_ and D_ in the program code was added to
> represent Contextual and Definitional exceptions to the usual _ and N_ . You
> will
> see the following:
> C_(“msgstr”) is translated to D_(“qual#msgstr”) by xlat.sh, and invokes get-
> text with msgid = “qual#msgstr”
> When no po translation is supplied, the qual# is removed, and only the
> default
> msgstr text is displayed. If a po translation is defined for the current
> locale, then
> the translated msgid = “qual#msgstr” is used to access the translated
> msgstr.
> The default MSGQUAL is the basename of the C source file. For the file
> src_file.C,
> the default MSGQUAL is:
> # define MSGQUAL “src_file”
> It is used to define the qualifier needed to transform:
> C_(“str”) to D_(“src_file#str”)
> The resulting xlat.sh’d source is scanned by xgettext to create the initial
> cin.po. In
> other words:
> _(s) does normal international text translation as always -
> The msgid line is: msgid “s”
> C_(s) makes it appear as if you used D_(“src_file#” s) -
> The msgid line is: msgid “src_file#s” If it does not translate, the default
> msgtext is “s”, not “src_file#s”
> D_(qual#s) tries to look up _(qual#s).

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