[Cin] Help: clarify some points of the manual

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 13:33:15 CEST 2020

If you review the manual, you will find parts that are unclear or
inaccurate. Please, can someone who knows the topics better explain
the following points?

Chapter 2.1.7 Labels
"... you will have to use Alt+Ctrl instead ..." . I noticed when
trying this in the Crop feature (chapter 2.2.7) that it only works
with the left Alt key. I don't know if this is Mint-XFCE specific or
not. The Alt key issue is also mentioned in 2.2.6 .

Chapter 2.2.1
RMB in the compositor window includes Camera keyframe and Projector
keyframe. What do these do? Describe them here seems logical.

Chapter 2.2.7 Cropping.
"... Reformat - Reformat Session crops and changes the Format for the entire
session ..." Does the same thing happen if I change Settings->Format
with tracks loaded? If so, which portion of the video is taken (e.g.
1920x1080p to 1080x720p). Is it cropped or scaled?

Chapter 2.4.2 Timebar + Preview Region Usage in the Compositor and Viewer.
"Settings", point 1. "...If no preview region is set ..." Then what is
the rest of point 1 about? "... has no effect on the non-selected
preview region ..."?

If you notice any other unclear points, please let us know.

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