[Cin] Help: clarify some points of the manual

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 03:29:55 CEST 2020

I had a chance to test the right alt key today on a desktop keyboard,
although Georgy already said it.
A program called "xev" that you can type at the prompt on a window which
brings up a square box but if you move the mouse to that little window and
type a character, it shows you what the key name is.  For left alt, it is
Alt_L but right alt has no name.  Another anomaly is the left ctrl key
which is Ctrl_L and the right ctrl key which is Ctrl_R.

I do not know how to state this in the Manual, but only the Left Alt and
Left Ctrl keys should be considered as the correct shortcut keys to use
whenever Alt or Ctrl are referenced.

> "... you will have to use Alt+Ctrl instead ..." . I noticed when
> > trying this in the Crop feature (chapter 2.2.7) that it only works
> > with the left Alt key. I don't know if this is Mint-XFCE specific or
> > not. The Alt key issue is also mentioned in 2.2.6 .
> With Alt+Ctrl etc. modificators one has to take into account: many window
> managers intercept some modificators globally for their own shortcuts. They
> may be configured so per default, or the user can set his shortcuts and
> later forget that he has done so. And then some shortcuts of an application
> do not work, or work strange, nobody knows why...
> ...for example, Alt+Ctrl+Backspace kills the whole X11 together with all
> its
> clients...
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