[Cin] What about flapak?

W P wpfilmmaker at yandex.com
Sat Apr 24 00:31:53 CEST 2021

First of all thank you MatN (as from what I understood you were the person who allowed appimage to be built),

I followed the recent switch to appimage and I understand it makes sense as there is no need for different builds.

Just one thought, why appimage and not flatpak?

I prefer flatpak but my personal preference doesn't matter,

I think the only cons of flatpak compared to appimage is the larger size (in today's world it should not be an issue but I realized that for many good internet is not a thing yet).

However I would like to point out which IMHO is the best advantage of flatpak over appimage, flathub, the repo where many, popular FLOSS softwares are present. I remember reading appimage has something similar but I think it is nowhere near as popular as flathub. A search for 'video editor' shows many cinelerra 'competitors' but no cinelerra :/


Are there plans in the future to offer a flatpak of cinelerra as well?

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