[Cin] Appimage and background rendering

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 20:23:10 CEST 2021

> Regarding appimage, in a comment on one of my videos I was asked:
> "1- when I enable lv2 plugins, cinelerra never loads up on me.

LV2 plugins have a  file called lv2_blacklist.txt in the main Cinelerra
directory for just such problems.  There are a lot of lv2 plugins that are
compiled for older or specific Operating Systems and they simply will not
work with Cinelerra because of bad input/output.  When you start CinGG from
a terminal (using the non-AppImage way), it puts out a message specifying
the LV2 that it can not handle.  Then we can add this to the blacklist so
it is no longer a problem.  The user can add it manually (but unfortunately
not with AppImage) or remove the non-working LV2 plugin from their

But in this case, the user should limit their LV2 plugins to ones that
work.  Calf LV2 plugins always seem to work.  A description of how to set
the path to limit the plugins is a few paragraphs down in:


2- is background rendering and render farm in CLI mode works now, when
> Cinelerra-GG is distributed as AppImage?"

I have to test this yet and get back to you.
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