[Cin] variable fast/slow playback speed hack

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 19:09:14 CEST 2021

About SCRUB_SPEED -- using the hardware shuttle device does not appear to
be at all related to this Cinelerra_rc variable.  Of course the actual
Shuttle has its own configuration file that gets loaded.

It looks to me like this is a leftover piece of code that is replaced by
the "fast forward" transport key and the keypad #2 key for "slow forward".
After uncommenting code in mainmenu.C, the pulldown Settings contained an
option of "Fast Shuttle" which when clicked on switches to "Slow Shuttle"
and then back again when clicked again.  So I am guessing that it was
originally just a way to go either fast or slow when looking for something
in the video.  Nothing relates to the shuttle hardware device as far as I
can tell.

Scrub apparently just means to *move quickly backwards and forwards in time
across the video. It is usually made by dragging the mouse pointer over the
timebar or by dragging the knob of the Compositor or Viewer timebars
without having to play or scrub/shuttle through adjacent footage (from
earlier Cinelerra docs). --- *This documentation implies that the word *shuttle
is just an alternative word for* *scrub*.

Done with this subject! ...Phyllis
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