[Cin] There is a new Plugin in town - Speed PerCent

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Aug 25 09:39:58 CEST 2021

Andrea wrote:
in both ReframeRT and Speed PerCent there is the option "interpolate"; 
how does it work?

Interpolate option works on keyframes (between keyframes). Unfortunately 
ReframeRT (and Speed PerCent) don't have OpticFlow function. At the 
first I thought that "Interpolate" mains "OpticFlow". I wrong.

I try to do an example on "Speed PerCent" (ReframeRT is the same) with 2 
The Plugin is 10 seconds lenght. Create a keyframe at 1 second 
(Speed=100%) and the next keyframe at 8 seconds (Speed=200%).

- Case 1, Interpolate=unchecked (both keyframes must have the 
"Interpolate" option unchecked):
You can see that the Speed stay at 100% until the next keyframe occurs; 
a kind of square waves (0-1)

- Case 2, Interpolate=checked (both, or only the first, keyframes must 
have the "Interpolate" option checked):
You can see that the Speed from 100%, at the first keyframe, moves at 
the next keyframe (Speed=200%) interpolating the values, from 100% to 
200%; a kind of ramp.

Leave the Plugin window open, and look at the values. I hope it is clear 


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