[Cin] oh, I see ffmpeg 4.4 in?

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 18:32:05 CEST 2021

>> may be it just encodes _very_ slowly? like 20 min for ~1 min video with  320x200 sized frame... single-threaded...
True: 7:43 min for 9 seconds of video; single thread; freeze
(temporarily) to 10% and then to 95%.

>> hm, strange.. can you try to debug this a bit (for example was it working in previous appimages/tagged releases?)
The video transitions that don't work are:
BandWipe; Wipe; Dissolve; Shape Wipe and IrisSquare. They don't work
in git, in the latest appimage or even in appimage 20201030.
No error on the terminal.

> well, in x265-10 bit encode we still see message about encoding 7499 (not 7500) frames (from x265 library itself) . I hope this is bug in reporting, but can you add some specific image/effect at this very end frame and try to play resulted encode with, say, ffplay? (i think it will freeze last frame on display)

Yes; trying a render with x265-10-bit and playing back the file
obtained with ffply I get a freeze in the last frame with the last
line of the terminal (indicating the momentary value: 19.46 A-V ...)
that keeps increasing the number to infinity and I have to stop with
ctrl+c. The same thing happens with DNxHR and x264.
See image.
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