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On Sat, Aug 28, 2021 at 12:19 PM Andrew Randrianasulu via Cin <
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> I wonder if we should add CinelerraGG into it? so far only Cinelerra 7.3
> actually there (but it provides some autogenerated software documentation?)

 Good idea if someone wants to do that and can easily do that.

> https://fossies.org/search/linux/misc?q=folder_search&ml=25&q1=cinelerra&q2=&q3=&q4=&dml=3&ad=%2Ffresh%2Flinux%2Fmisc&ud=linux%2Fmisc&rd=%2Ffresh%2F&ap=no&ca=no&dp=1
Getting error on the above link.

> https://fossies.org/dox/cinelerra-7.3-src/adeviceprefs_8C.html
> for example.. might be useful for more real (experienced) programmers?
> ps: not sure if 7.3 can be called Community edition now?
Yeah, why would they put this line in there? -- About: cinelerra is an
advanced non-linear video editor and compositor. Community version.

Also, have not gotten around to doing it but whenever I make an AppImage it
suggests the following:
   "Please consider submitting your AppImage to AppImageHub, the
   [appimage/stderr] central directory of available AppImages, by opening a
pull request
   [appimage/stderr] at https://github.com/AppImage/appimage.github.io"
Maybe someone else will feel motivated to do so.
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