[Cin] 32 bit Debian 11 problems

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 02:00:42 CET 2021

FINALLY, there is a Debian 11.0 Bullseye 32-bit AppImage for testing at:

It needs more testing probably.

You can use apt-offline. Nice guide is here:
> https://thelinuxuser.com/update-debian-offline/
> But I didn't test it. Some years ago there was i386 full bd images
> available and debian can be upgraded using them. Maybe they still available
> using jigdo protocol.
*Andrey*, thanks for this tip which will come in handy in the future.  I
did install apt-offline and then read the directions which were easy to
understand but required an already installed Debian 32-bit that had
internet access -- I did not have one easily available yet.
*Andrew*, the problem must have been like you said, the sse3, because when
I installed 32-bit Debian 11.0 on a different laptop, CinGG worked.  How
did we get this far using Cinelerra without realizing that the computers to
use it had to have sse3 ??  This may be why some users try it and announce
that it doesn't work.  It is kind of funny that I picked the only computer
in the house that does not have sse3 to initially work on -- I checked !
*MatN*, thanks for patiently installing Debian on your computer and doing a
bunch of tests.  And helping me get past a lot of problems.  It really
helped to have your working AppImage for me to test.  If you have time,
please check this AppImage so that I know it is OK for monthly builds.
*Andrea*, could you please test too and provide feedback from your virtual
box (or whatever)?
*Georgy*, with the hint you provided in an earlier email, I have found the
way to force EXR and OpenBase to always use CinGG's instead of the system's
but I have a lot more experimentation left to do to see if this will be

And "no", I did not get the network up yet on Debian as I wanted to
concentrate on making sure I would be able to create monthly AppImages.
But MatN had some more hints for me and now it should be easier because the
laptop computer I am using has a wifi card instead of the wired desktop.
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