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oh, and apparently Subtitle Edit can export BD subtitles (via Export menu)
but Linux problems exist and.. Visual Studio for building?


Known issues:
Setting focus on a control programatically does not work
The letter è (and some other Unicode characters) will crash SE - read more
in this Github issue
Some languages like Chinese or Arabic might require a different font.
Text to bitmap rendering is not working well. In image exporting try
"Simple rendering" if you have problems.
Winforms layout...

On Friday, December 10, 2021, Andrew Randrianasulu <randrianasulu at gmail.com>

> From what I remember CinGG can create dvd subtitles but not BD (bluray)
> subtitles.
> May be this project can convert them (qt5, meson) ?
> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/bdsup2subpp-git/
> slightly older src with appimage
> https://github.com/amichaeltm/BDSup2SubPlusPlus
> original java-based tool
>  https://github.com/mjuhasz/BDSup2Sub
> description
> ===
> BDSup2Sub
> A tool to convert and tweak bitmap based subtitle streams
> BDSup2Sub is a tool initially created to convert captions demuxed from a
> Blu-Ray transport stream (M2TS) into the DVD VobSub format (SUB/IDX) used
> by many DVD authoring tools - hence the name. Many more features were added
> over time as was support for other formats. So in the meantime the name
> seems a little inappropriate. In a nutshell, it's a subtitle conversion
> tool for image based stream formats with scaling capabilities and some
> other nice features.
> Supported Formats
> Blu-Ray SUP
> Sony BDN XML (as used by Sonic Scenarist HDMV)
> HD-DVD SUP (import only)
> VobSub (SUB/IDX)
> What it can do
> convert any supported import format to any supported export format
> add a fixed delay to all timestamps
> perform a frame rate conversion e.g. for pal speedup
> synchronize time stamps to output frame rate
> edit times and position of each caption
> control all features (except editing) from the command line
> move all captions inside or outside a given area or horizontally
> crop the target screen size
> scale up/down with a variety of filters (from bilinear over bicubic to
> Lanczos3 and Mitchell)
> edit "forced" flags
> exclude single captions from export
> erase rectangular regions of a caption
> scale captions independently of screen size
> automatically remove fade in/out from imported subtitle streams.
> export the target palette in PGCEdit text format (RGB values 0..255)
> edit the imported DVD palette when input is either VobSub or SUP/IFO
> edit the frame palette and alpha values when input is either VobSub or
> set/clear forced flags for all captions
> What it can't do
> BDSup2Sub only supports image based subtitle streams.
> ====
> so..
> in theory CinGG's subtitle output can me MicroDVD'S .udvd but then making
> those into graphical dvd subtitles will require ffmpeg called with right
> params
> I found this post converting DVB subtitles to DVD subtitles inside mkv and
> also image of titular bdsup2sub
> https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/386350-reencoding-dvbsub
> -to-dvdsub-using-ffmpeg
> Subtitle options:
> -s size set frame size (WxH or abbreviation)
> -sn disable subtitle
> -scodec codec force subtitle codec ('copy' to copy stream)
> -stag fourcc/tag force subtitle tag/fourcc
> -fix_sub_duration fix subtitles duration
> -canvas_size size set canvas size (WxH or abbreviation)
> -spre preset set the subtitle options to the indicated preset
> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/HowToConvertSubtitleToASS
>  ..S... = Subtitle codec
>  DES ass Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitle
>  DES dvbsub DVB subtitles
>  DES dvdsub DVD subtitles
>  D S microdvd MicroDVD subtitle
>  D S pgssub HDMV Presentation Graphic Stream subtitles
>  DES srt SubRip subtitle
>  DES xsub DivX subtitles (XSUB)
> for me system ffmpeg output (4.4)
> DES... ass ASS (Advanced SSA) subtitle (decoders: ssa ass ) (encoders: ssa
> ass )
>  DES... dvb_subtitle DVB subtitles (decoders: dvbsub ) (encoders: dvbsub )
>  DES... dvd_subtitle DVD subtitles (decoders: dvdsub ) (encoders: dvdsub )
>  D.S... hdmv_pgs_subtitle HDMV Presentation Graphic Stream subtitles
> (decoders: pgssub )
>  ..S... hdmv_text_subtitle HDMV Text subtitle
>  D.S... jacosub JACOsub subtitle
>  D.S... microdvd MicroDVD subtitle
>  D.S... mpl2 MPL2 subtitle
>  D.S... pjs PJS (Phoenix Japanimation Society) subtitle
>  D.S... realtext RealText subtitle
>  D.S... sami SAMI subtitle
>  ..S... srt SubRip subtitle with embedded timing
>  ..S... ssa SSA (SubStation Alpha) subtitle
>  D.S... stl Spruce subtitle format
>  DES... subrip SubRip subtitle (decoders: srt subrip ) (encoders: srt
> subrip )
>  D.S... subviewer SubViewer subtitle
>  D.S... subviewer1 SubViewer v1 subtitle
>  D.S... vplayer VPlayer subtitle
>  DES... webvtt WebVTT subtitle
> $
> so in theory chain should be :
> CINGG > udvd /MicroDVD  output - > ffmpeg - > dvd subtitles - > BDsup2sub -
>  -> tsmuxer (as PGS stream) (or I found old message saying bdwrite can mux
> BD subtitles, just there was no more notes about this)
> https://lists.cinelerra-cv.org/pipermail/cinelerra/2017q1/005829.html
> Again, our subtitles section a bit bare, may be someone can try said tools
> and write a bit more on gotchas encountered...
> And still, Andrea/Phyllis I sort of insist on adding at least few lines
> about mp4box and tsmuxer alternative muxers (may be to newly added Codecs
> and Formats?) because this info (if you are not seasoned video enthusiast)
> a bit hard to find..  I was making circles around this topic for nearly
> year! A lot of windows programs, or specialized editors like
> https://github.com/hguandl/ass2bdnxml with source but require some
> windows version of avisynth (avisynth+ available for linux, but apparently
> this tool input module based on much older x264 avisynth input! so no
> linux...)
>  https://github.com/magiruuvelvet/jimaku-editor/
> blob/master/pgs-encoder/main.c
> mostly concerned with Japanese/Chinese graphical subtitles..
> and whole encoder probably was developed back in 2009 by some user who
> badly needed those graphical subtitles
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