[Cin] Blur plugin: Alpha determines radius

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Dec 23 09:38:51 CET 2021

Andrew wrote:
> can anyone try Cin-HV 5/6/7 (may be in VM?) and see how this plugin 
> work there?

Andrea wrote:
> Now Cin-HV works and I can see that it has the Blur plugin with the
> "Alpha determines radius" option. But still I can't understand its
> use.

In my system (UbuntuStudio_16.04_64bit) there is Cinelerra-HV_7.1 and I 
tested Blur plugin as I did in Cinelerra-GG. It works like Cinelerra-GG 
and the "Alpha determines radius" seems to me useless; I speak from an 
User point of view, of course.
Could it be that  "Alpha determines radius" has to be used together with 
something else (plugin)?


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