[Cin] Blur plugin: Alpha determines radius

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Fri Dec 24 09:22:25 CET 2021

Phyllis wrote:
> OK, I finally got a case that shows it does something and here is how 
> to do that (I can provide a video, if necessary).
> Step 1 - start Cinelarra and just wipe an area to drag the "Title" 
> plugin to it and type in some worlds to see in Compositor.
> Step 2 - now drag the "Blur" plugin to that same area and bring up the 
> menu; click the "Reset" button.  Look in the Compositor to see what it 
> looks like and then Check the "Alpha determines radius" box and you 
> can clearly see a difference.

Thanks Phyllis for testing.
I tried to replicate your steps but I don't see any substantial 
differences. Maybe it depends by the font and size used in the Title effect?
If You  have some time can you post a screencast, please?

Andrew wrote:
> fire email at Adam, may be he remeber? 
I hope He can reply. Thanks!


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