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Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 01:13:22 CET 2021

В сообщении от Tuesday 02 February 2021 01:52:34 Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin написал(а):
> My friend is having a lot of patience with me, today he gave me some good
> advice, but let's focus on Cinelerra GG
> I have forwarded this chain of emails to you. Here is his response.
> $CIN_BROWSER is a variable that just calls firefox.


as lomg as override in Cinelerra_rc works I'm happy .....

On users, developers, and time ....

well, different users have different workflows and tastes.
Some prefer relative stability. Some can live with some changes.
It hardly static - people who had more time in the past for adapting to "chages!!" 
may not have it anymore or at least for now. Sometimes new ideas universally 
better (for example I like virtual desktops and "hide window into titlebar" feature), 
sometimes ...not so. (KDE3 vs KDE4/5, Gnome2 vs Gnome3/4 vs 
Unity vs xfce vs IceWm ...)

I for example can't read javascript, yet Shotcut's edl export written in this 
language now because main developer understand this lang well ... [0]

so, yeah, preferences of developers and users matters ...
Again, some ideas quite universal (source code is much simpler to alter than binary, 
yet not trivially simple. I can fix minor problem in Python script by guide [1]
yet this doesn't make Blender itself any faster [tried animated titles 
from OLD Openshot 1.x, just because ... fixing Py script 
was much faster than bringing up modern qt5. Again, philosophy of usage ..
if you prefer to install binary files -  distro's provided pkg or flatpack is fine. 
If you want or need rareconfig or modification of source .. 
you better to have actually compileable on your resources project]

I also not big fan of removing something because yeah, removing 
is always simpler than reintegrating something back. Sometimes this is not
thing you can avoid, in bigger projects .... like kernel or Mesa.

Also, popular in many medialibraries reworking symbol/function visibility 
sort of assume all ext. project have enough manpower for all this follow-us 
refactoring..... this doesn't feel so good at receiving end :/

yet I understand sometimes there is no other way to fit some concept in ...
like both 8 and 10/12 bit h264 encoding (as it was done sometime in the past).

Developers don't code at inf. speed, and sometimes good idea may not age well ...

Life is full of such paradoxes, computing not expection!

Sorry if you hoped  for cleaner sub-world ....

[0] - https://forum.shotcut.org/t/mlt2edl-script-error-fix/55

[1] - https://github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/473

> What happens if a person does not have firefox installed on their system?
> All the links that use $CIN_BROWSER will not work, they will do nothing.
> Do the test, go to the folder "/usr/bin" with administrator permissions and
> change the name to firefox, with a period behind it is enough.
> Now open Cinelerra from a terminal and try to open the commands you
> mentioned that work with $CIN_BROWSER, the result will be something like
> this:
> /bin/bash: firefox: command not found
> Now open the wizard that I made the button for and click, it is true that
> if you do not have another browser on your system, it will ask you with
> which application you want to open this file, or open it in an html editor,
> or in a text editor.
> In this specific case, when calling a local html file, if someone has
> assigned the opening of this type of file to another application, it will
> be this application that will open it. When this happens it is because the
> person is a programmer or works in web development environments, do not
> worry that he will know how to find the pdfs.
> I am not the right person to waste time making a button that satisfies the
> quirks of a user who does not want the help file to open in their default
> browser and has to be opened in Firefox no matter what. (I already told you
> what happens if firefox is not installed in the system)
> If anyone doubts what his revered $CIN_BROWSER variable really does, check
> the file.inc file at lines 45-46-47 and see what application it calls. I
> already anticipate that it is not enough to change this here, it is not
> that simple, but it is something that I would do, because if you do not
> have firefox Cinelerra it will fail in its calls to links with $CIN_BROWSER
> Don't worry about the [Parent] [RunMessage] error, any competent programmer
> or SysAdmin of Gnu/Linux knows that it is not of the slightest importance,
> and that more than an error it is a simple warning that does not affect to
> the stability or performance of Cinelerra.
> -----------------------------
> After your answer two things have become very clear to me, $CIN_BROWSER is
> no better than xdg-open, it is simply an variable that should be modernized.
> $CIN_BROWSER only works with firefox, xdg-open does not force you to have
> firefox in order to get the Cinelerra links to work.
> -----------------------------
> His advice is I not to waste any more time on a project so full of veteran
> users who believe they are proprietaries of the application and will do
> everything possible to sink any idea that does not come from them, and much
> more if it comes from a newcomer. Sadly, it is something very typical in
> the opensource environment.
> I'm going to heed his advice and take a break from Cinelerra.
> Phyllis, you can still count on me for spanish translations, if you want,
> otherwise, nothing happens, I will understand.
> Here in Spain we say that there are two types of people, those who put oil
> in the wheels so that they roll well and those who put sticks, to stop the
> good work. I am one of those who try to put oil, I cannot be comfortable in
> a team where there are people who dedicate themselves to putting sticks.
> Greetings to everyone, especially Phyllis and Andrew, with whom I have
> really enjoyed collaborating.
> El lun, 1 feb 2021 a las 20:14, Phyllis Smith via Cin (<
> cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>) escribió:
> > Walter,
> >
> > IMHO I prefer to use environment variables as it was before $ CIN_BROWSER,
> >> since xdg-open, it opens the default browser, but and if I don't want it
> >> to
> >> open the default browser, whatever the reason, it seems more configurable
> >> like
> >> this now .
> >>
> >
> > Hopefully we can find a solution that works for everyone.  Using
> > $CIN_BROWSER caused a hang and that is why the switch to xdg-open.  As a
> > reminder, the hang occurred only when no browser was up already and the ?
> > help key in the Batch Render menu was clicked on -- then you could do no
> > more Cinelerra processing.
> >
> > RafaMar,
> >
> > Thanks for the feedback and I know that your programmer acquaintance is
> > too busy for in depth work.  And it is still very much appreciated!  I will
> > see if I can find another solution because I really like the ? key.
> > CinelerraGG programming really is much harder than anyone realizes and
> > takes a long, long time to understand all of the intricacies and still
> > problems creep in.
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